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Meet Abe – Living The Dream As An English Teacher Online 💻

Abe might not be your typical TEFL success story, but his story is still 100% worth hearing. After getting his 120 hour TEFL certification, Abe dreamed of teaching in China—but life had a different (more diaper-filled and joyous) path carved out for him. Now the father of a young baby, he’s loving teaching English online to Chinese and Indonesian students amidst transferring to Brigham Young Unive...[Read More]

Sheldon Is Back To Share More Of His Adventures In Japan 🌏✈️

We’ve previously talked to Sheldon about his experiences as a TEFL teacher in Japan. He’s having such a good time there that he’s not coming home anytime soon! Let’s hear more about his experiences and how he sustains his life as an expat abroad. We LOVE your photos from abroad—they clearly indicate that you have a lot of personality! 🙂 Do you feel most like yourself when you’re traveling and teac...[Read More]

A New Life in Asia – Interview with Erick García Plasencia

A native of Mexico, Erick García Plasencia has an unusual background for an ESL teacher abroad. A combination of an inspiring father and video games lead him to not only English fluency, but fluency in six languages! Read about his journey to Japan and home again—find the courage to start your own career as an ESL teacher abroad (whether or not you’re from a native English speaking country!). Befo...[Read More]

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