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Congrats to Niki for completing our TEFL course!

Niki has just completed our TEFL course. Here is what he has to say about get TEFL: “That was fun and simple to understand. This course is amazing because it takes you by the hand and teaches you how to become an English teacher. I love the page helps you with some examples and makes learning fun. But above all, ...[Read More]

How to Apply For (and Land) Amazing TEFL Jobs!

Hi everyone, It’s Audrey, but you probably know me as @travelrichmoneypoor! I completed my certificate with i-to-i TEFL in 2018 and have had no problems finding a job (or jobs I should say!) since then. In the past four years, I have taught at a Bilingual Kindergarten in Milan as well as with multiple companies online,...[Read More]

How to Work from Anywhere – Digital Nomad Tips

It’s been two months since I left my belongings in storage and travelled to South-East Asia with nothing but a 40L backpack and my laptop! My name is Tab (@whereistab on Instagram) and I’m a full-time backpacker and digital nomad, which means that I spend my time travelling the world and working remotely. How do I fund...[Read More]

Locations to TEFL: Teach in Dubai

There are very few places in the world that have transformed quite like Dubai. The most populated city of the United Arab Emirates, this Middle Eastern paradise definitely won’t let you down in terms of comfort, hot weather, and entertainment. So, if you’re interested in teaching English abroad, experiencing a fascinat...[Read More]

How to ace your EPIK class – South Korea

First off, let’s clear up what EPIK actually is! EPIK stands for the English Program in Korea (EPIK) and it was developed in the 90s to help improve the spoken English skills of South Korean students and teachers. It’s sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education and is a popular way of recruiting English teachers for...[Read More]

Top 10 Things to do in Vietnam

Thinking about teaching English in Vietnam? Good choice! With the prominence of China and the ever-popular Thailand lurking close by, Vietnam, unfortunately, often slips through the cracks. Being a TEFL teacher in Vietnam will not only open your eyes to incredible cuisine but also some of the most beautiful landscape a...[Read More]

Congrats to Alina for completing our TEFL course!

Alina has successfully completed our TEFL course. Way to go! Here is what she has to say about get TEFL: “Thank you very much for this course and the opportunity to improve my teaching skills. I hope I will be able to fully implement them in my work. I hope all of your students will profit from this course the wa...[Read More]

Congrats to Marina for completing our TEFL course!

Marina has just successfully completed our TEFL course. Way to go! Here is what she has to say about get TEFL: “It was a nice course for me to improve my teaching skills, learn some tricks, revise some techniques and get to know more about cultural differences. I believe, the cultural part will be drastic for me ...[Read More]

Travelling TEFL Teacher – A Week in the Life – Vietnam!

Hi everyone! Last month I shared a week in my life as a travelling TEFL teacher and I’m back to update you on my journey! My name is Tab (@whereistab on Instagram) and I qualified as a TEFL teacher in 2019. I have taught English as a foreign language in China, France and online. Now, I’m backpacking full time and teach...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about Freelancing as a TEFL teacher

You received your TEFL certificate, want to travel the world, and don’t want to have any restrictions imposed on you… It sounds like you want to be a freelance teacher my friend! Let me help you! Hi everyone, my name is Audrey but you probably know me as @travelrichmoneypoor. Last month I gave you some insight on every...[Read More]

And The Winner Is…The TEFL Academy!

The Grammys. The Brit Awards. The Oscars.  Award season is once again upon us. We may not be as award-winning as Beyoncé or Harry Styles, but we’ve certainly got our fair share of accolades! Yes, The TEFL Academy has once again won a Go Overseas award for Overall Top TEFL Course Providers 2022 AND a Go Abroad award for...[Read More]

Travelling TEFL Teacher – A Week in the Life

Travelling the world whilst earning money from your laptop might sound like a dream come true, but is it as easy as it sounds? My name is Tab (@whereistab on socials) and I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 2019. At the start of this month, I put my possessions into storage, packed a backpack, and ...[Read More]

And The Winner Is…The TEFL Academy!

The Grammys. The Brit Awards. The Oscars.  Award season is once again upon us. We may not be as award-winning as Beyoncé or Harry Styles, but we’ve certainly got our fair share of accolades! Yes, The TEFL Academy has once again won a Go Overseas award for Overall Top TEFL Course Providers 2022 AND a Go Abroad award for...[Read More]

Fall in Love with TEFL

Looking for love this Valentine’s Day? Well, just call us Cupid because we’re going to help you fall in love….with TEFL! Forget swiping on apps, we have your Prince/Princess Charming right here! Why is TEFL your perfect match? Let us count the ways…. It will improve your confidence and make you feel good about yourself...[Read More]

What can I expect from my TEFL course?

Mystery has it’s place, but it’s definitely not welcome when you want to invest in an important qualification, so we want to remove all the mystery and let you know what you can expect from your TEFL course with i-to-i! I’ve registered on a TEFL course, what’s next? You’ll receive all your login info and instructions v...[Read More]

My first week in Vietnam

My name is Erica, I’m from the USA and I’m currently on i-to-i TEFL’s Vietnam Internship! Want to know more about TEFL in Vietnam? And what it’s like when you first arrive? Then, keep reading! Day 1 I arrived into Noi Bai International Airport on January 7th, 2023 to start my six month teaching contract in Vietnam. I w...[Read More]

Do I Need A TEFL If I Have A PGCE?

Teaching English abroad is a very welcoming space.  You can do a teaching English as a foreign language (or TEFL) course if you: have a degree or don’t have a degree, have teaching experience or don’t have teaching experience, are a new teacher (NQT) or an experienced teacher – or not a teacher at all, have experience ...[Read More]

On to a winner with i-to-i TEFL!

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but….we just couldn’t hold this one in!! We’re a TEFL winner! GoAbroad.com, one of the best-known and most-trusted online portals for travel programmes and travel-related courses, have announced their award winners for 2022 and i-to-i TEFL has won an award for being a Top TEFL Orga...[Read More]

Things you should know before you become a TEFL teacher!

So you want to be a TEFL Teacher? Here are some key things you should know before you get started! Hi everyone, my name is Audrey Gillis (@travelrichmoneypoor) and if you know i-to-i TEFL, then you have probably seen me around. I started my TEFL course in 2018 and have been using my certificate ever since the 2019-2020...[Read More]

The Best Countries To Teach English Abroad In 2023

Finding a job teaching English abroad in 2023 should be on your to-do list – if it’s not already! But the question is: What are the best countries to teach English abroad in 2023?  If you’re interested in jobs teaching English abroad, no doubt you’ve been furiously googling top TEFL destinations and now you’re probably...[Read More]

How affordable is a TEFL course?

Want to kickstart your new career in TEFL, but not sure you have the funds to do so? Don’t worry! Stick with us and we’ll show you how affordable a TEFL course can be! Now, first things first, there’s a balance to strike between getting a good deal on your TEFL course and ending up wasting money (however little you mig...[Read More]

Becoming a Digital Nomad – Fran’s Story

Have you been considering becoming a digital nomad in 2023? Like the idea of being able to fit earning money around your travelling, and being able to go from place to place, rather than being tied to one classroom abroad? We don’t blame you! Fran decided to take the plunge in October 2022 and she hasn’t looked back! K...[Read More]

The Means To Write A Research Proposal In Sociology: A Step-by-step Guide

’ This query is regularly requested by many students, and we always reply within the affirmative. Our major objective is to deliver a superbly written paper the meets the best possible writing standards. If you rent a paper author online, we assure you that you simply get one hundred pc original and plagiarism-free ass...[Read More]

Sop Writing Companies: One Step Forward Towards Success

Each assertion of objective that we develop for MBA admission is unique and original in every aspect to bolster the chances of admission. The statements of objective for MBA that we develop are inspected underneath uncompromised high quality benchmarks for impeccable performance. We write powerful SOPs for MBA, which m...[Read More]

5 places you can teach English without a degree

It’s the question we get asked the most – “Can I teach English abroad without a bachelor’s degree?”. And we’re happy to say, the answer is, yes! There are tons of countries where degrees aren’t required and lots of them are very sought-after TEFL destinations. We’ve picked our favourite 5 places you can teach English w...[Read More]

6 Tips For Writing A Singular Private Statement From A Yr Thirteen Pupil

Even if you’ve found an uncommon quote that you think no one has ever used before, it’s very probably that the admissions staff have seen it amongst the hundreds of purposes they’ve learn through the years. Even more importantly, using inspirational quotes often suggests a scarcity of inspiration. This information is t...[Read More]

Online Grasp’s In Nursing Training Msn Norwich College

Check out the RN-to-MSN or the BSN-to-MSN nursing education diploma packages supplied by WGU. An internship supplies the opportunity to combine information and experience within an administrative setting with a nursing educator. Internship placements are arranged individually through the School of Nursing with your car...[Read More]

TEFL 2023: Is It Still Worth Doing?

If you can believe it, another year has come and gone. 2023 has rolled around while some of us are still trying to get our heads around 2022. As with any new year, we’re bursting with new year’s resolutions for ourselves in an attempt to better our lives. For some people, they are toying with the idea of turning over a...[Read More]

High-scoring resumes are then forwarded to hiring managers for additional investigation.

This implies that should you include a high variety of ability key phrases in your resume, you have a higher likelihood of the hiring managers seeing your resume and alluring you for an interview. A Cyber Security Specialist with over eight years of expertise delivering patient privacy software options for the healthca...[Read More]

Opinion On Private Statement Eras Cv Editing Services? : Imgreddit

A good private statement ought to set out your qualities, qualifications, expertise, and ambitions in a clear, concise manner. And that’s the place our skilled personal statementediting servicescome in, giving your software the sting you deserve. Residency Statement is a personal statement service created by Dr. Musa i...[Read More]

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