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About Teaching in Dubai: Essential Tips for TEFL Teachers in the UAE

The UAE has existed since 1971 and is known for its glamorous lifestyle and boisterous economy. As a country interspersed with frequent desert regions, beaches, and artificial islands, the UAE is a renowned tourist hub in the world.  Due to a growing expat populace and diverse local inhabitants, Dubai’s continuous deve...[Read More]

The Art of Balancing Relationships Back Home as a TEFL Teacher Abroad

The advent of the digital age has shifted the paradigm of love, friendship, and all kinds of relationships. What seemed like a daunting challenge decades ago is now easier than ever. With the right tools and commitment, you no longer have to worry about how to make a present or surprise your nearest and dearest, even w...[Read More]

Can non-native Speakers Teach English & TEFL Abroad?

The prospect of teaching English abroad offers an exciting and enriching career path for many individuals. However, non-native English speakers may find themselves wondering about their place in the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) industry. Despite some common misconceptions, non-native English speakers p...[Read More]

Teaching English Online: No Degree? No Problem!

Want to TEFL online without a degree? Online English teaching has become a lucrative and flexible way to earn a living. Many people teach from home full-time, while others use it as a side hustle to fill gaps in their timetable and earn additional income. However, many online platforms require applicants to hold a bach...[Read More]

What is ESL? A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Teaching English

If you have a passion for connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds and want to acquire a skill set that can open doors to professional opportunities both locally and globally, then teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) might just be the perfect career choice for you! With over 1.5 billion people world...[Read More]

English Teacher in Saudi Arabia Salary: How Much Can You Make?

As Saudi Arabia continues to expand its influence in diplomacy, commerce, and even sports, such as soccer and golf, the demand for English language education has skyrocketed. The Saudi government has made English education a top national priority, including “enabling students to acquire basic language skills,” “develop...[Read More]

English Teacher in Oman Salary: How Much Can You Make in Oman?

Located on the eastern tip of the Arabian Peninsula, where the Persian Gulf meets the Indian Ocean, the Sultanate of Oman has been a crossroads of commerce and culture for thousands of years. Today, as a dynamic nation with a fast-modernizing economy based on oil, gas, and international trade, it is emerging as one of ...[Read More]

English Teacher in Qatar Salary: How Much Can You Make in Qatar?

Located on a small peninsula off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia in the Persian Gulf, Qatar represents a small yet highly lucrative job market for English teachers in the heart of the Middle East. With a population of less than 3 million (85% of which are expatriates), Qatar may be a small nation, but as a world lead...[Read More]

Why Costa Rica is the Best Country for Teaching Abroad Over 40

With stunning landscapes, a stable economy, and welcoming, happy locals, would Costa Rica be the perfect destination for your second act? With a massive demand for English teachers and a low cost of living, teaching English abroad in Costa Rica provides a viable way for those over 40 to experience life abroad. WhatR...[Read More]

English Teacher in Bahrain Salary: How Much Can You Make in Bahrain?

Nestled on a stunning archipelago off the eastern coast of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain represents a small yet highly lucrative job market for English teachers in the Persian Gulf. While competition can be fierce, qualified educators can embark on a rewarding career, enjoying a tax-free monthly salary ranging from $1,500 to $...[Read More]

Top Things You Must Do While Studying in Rome, Italy

Surrounded by over 2,000 years’ worth of history, it can be difficult to decide what to do and experience the “Eternal City” in such a short period of time. While taking International TEFL Academy’s On-site Rome TEFL Certification Course or studying elsewhere in Italy like Florence or Sardinia, ...[Read More]

English Teacher in Kuwait Salary: How Much Can You Make in Kuwait?

Though not as large as Saudi Arabia or as well known as Dubai and the UAE, Kuwait represents one of the most lucrative and competitive job markets for teaching English in the Middle East. Once little more than a local center of the pearl industry, Kuwait has developed into one of the world’s largest petroleum exp...[Read More]

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Saudi Arabia?

Birthplace of Islam, Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, with a population of 27 million, including 8.4 million foreign residents. Known for its vast desert landscapes with scorching desert temperatures, “The Kingdom,” or “KSA” as it’s known, blends traditional Is...[Read More]

Cambodia Teacher Salary: How Much do English Teachers Make in Cambodia?

From bustling cities and ancient culture to the warmth of its people and world-class monuments like the temples of Angkor Wat, Cambodia offers a fantastic international experience and a fast-growing English teaching market. Moreover, Cambodia is one of the few countries in Asia where you can teach English professionall...[Read More]

Myanmar Teacher Salary: How Much do English Teachers Make in Myanmar?

If you seek to teach English in an off-the-beaten country in the heart of Asia that remains largely undiscovered by tourists and untouched by homogenized commercialization and chain stores, Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is definitely a top option for you. Bordering such nations as India, China, and Thailand, Myanma...[Read More]

How Much Do English Teachers Make in the UAE?

Home to some of the immense oil wealth, major ports, and a booming tourism sector, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has become a global center of trade, finance, and travel. With cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi offering opulent shopping, world-class dining, and some of the world’s most stunning architecture, the Em...[Read More]

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Kuwait?

A small nation nestled in the northern corner of the Persian Gulf, Kuwait represents a small but lucrative job market for English teachers. Combining high salaries and top benefits with a multicultural population, modern infrastructure, and top-level shopping and eating, Kuwait has a ton to offer. However given Kuwait&...[Read More]

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Qatar?

Situated on a peninsula the size of Connecticut that extends into the Persian Gulf off the eastern shores of Saudi Arabia, Qatar offers a small, yet thriving job market for English teachers. This small nation (population is only 2.7 million) boasts a desirable location, uber-modern infrastructure, and a diverse populat...[Read More]

What Are the Basic Requirements for Teaching English in Bahrain?

Located in the Persian Gulf, Bahrain is a cluster of islands that form a small but thriving job market for English teachers. With its desirable location, attractive job opportunities, and small size (population is 1.5 million), competition for teaching positions in Bahrain is fierce. As a result, aspiring TEFL teachers...[Read More]

Congrats to Niki for completing our TEFL course!

Niki has just completed our TEFL course. Here is what he has to say about get TEFL: “That was fun and simple to understand. This course is amazing because it takes you by the hand and teaches you how to become an English teacher. I love the page helps you with some examples and makes learning fun. But above all, ...[Read More]

How to Apply For (and Land) Amazing TEFL Jobs!

Hi everyone, It’s Audrey, but you probably know me as @travelrichmoneypoor! I completed my certificate with i-to-i TEFL in 2018 and have had no problems finding a job (or jobs I should say!) since then. In the past four years, I have taught at a Bilingual Kindergarten in Milan as well as with multiple companies online,...[Read More]

How to Work from Anywhere – Digital Nomad Tips

It’s been two months since I left my belongings in storage and travelled to South-East Asia with nothing but a 40L backpack and my laptop! My name is Tab (@whereistab on Instagram) and I’m a full-time backpacker and digital nomad, which means that I spend my time travelling the world and working remotely. How do I fund...[Read More]

Locations to TEFL: Teach in Dubai

There are very few places in the world that have transformed quite like Dubai. The most populated city of the United Arab Emirates, this Middle Eastern paradise definitely won’t let you down in terms of comfort, hot weather, and entertainment. So, if you’re interested in teaching English abroad, experiencing a fascinat...[Read More]

How to ace your EPIK class – South Korea

First off, let’s clear up what EPIK actually is! EPIK stands for the English Program in Korea (EPIK) and it was developed in the 90s to help improve the spoken English skills of South Korean students and teachers. It’s sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education and is a popular way of recruiting English teachers for...[Read More]

Top 10 Things to do in Vietnam

Thinking about teaching English in Vietnam? Good choice! With the prominence of China and the ever-popular Thailand lurking close by, Vietnam, unfortunately, often slips through the cracks. Being a TEFL teacher in Vietnam will not only open your eyes to incredible cuisine but also some of the most beautiful landscape a...[Read More]

Congrats to Alina for completing our TEFL course!

Alina has successfully completed our TEFL course. Way to go! Here is what she has to say about get TEFL: “Thank you very much for this course and the opportunity to improve my teaching skills. I hope I will be able to fully implement them in my work. I hope all of your students will profit from this course the wa...[Read More]

Congrats to Marina for completing our TEFL course!

Marina has just successfully completed our TEFL course. Way to go! Here is what she has to say about get TEFL: “It was a nice course for me to improve my teaching skills, learn some tricks, revise some techniques and get to know more about cultural differences. I believe, the cultural part will be drastic for me ...[Read More]

Travelling TEFL Teacher – A Week in the Life – Vietnam!

Hi everyone! Last month I shared a week in my life as a travelling TEFL teacher and I’m back to update you on my journey! My name is Tab (@whereistab on Instagram) and I qualified as a TEFL teacher in 2019. I have taught English as a foreign language in China, France and online. Now, I’m backpacking full time and teach...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about Freelancing as a TEFL teacher

You received your TEFL certificate, want to travel the world, and don’t want to have any restrictions imposed on you… It sounds like you want to be a freelance teacher my friend! Let me help you! Hi everyone, my name is Audrey but you probably know me as @travelrichmoneypoor. Last month I gave you some insight on every...[Read More]

And The Winner Is…The TEFL Academy!

The Grammys. The Brit Awards. The Oscars.  Award season is once again upon us. We may not be as award-winning as Beyoncé or Harry Styles, but we’ve certainly got our fair share of accolades! Yes, The TEFL Academy has once again won a Go Overseas award for Overall Top TEFL Course Providers 2022 AND a Go Abroad award for...[Read More]

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