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Should I be a TEFL teacher?

Have you heard that saying: “Those who can’t do, teach”? Well, that’s totally bonkers! And whoever came up with that phrase had obviously never met a teacher! Far from being “those who can’t”, teachers are some of the most capable people in the world, with a vast array of skills and knowledge at their disposal, and a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. Think about it – if we didn’t have teac...[Read More]

How to Make Your TEFL Universal

Let’s start from the beginning. What do we actually mean by ‘how to make your TEFL universal’? Well, we’re referring to your TEFL qualification and your TEFL skills, and how you make these respected and admired by TEFL employers and students around the world. Something that is definitely necessary if you want to land your perfect TEFL role and live your TEFL dreams! So, where do you start? We’ve n...[Read More]

The Top 10 Qualities of a Great TEFL Teacher

We always hear about that “amazing teacher”. The one that inspired you to become a brain surgeon or to save the planet or to write a novel or, just maybe, to try your hand at teaching yourself. Think Mr. Keating from Dead Poet’s Society; Dumbledore from Harry Potter; Miss Honey from Matilda. But what are those fundamental qualities that make these teachers so great? Drawing on our three decades of...[Read More]

5 Classroom Warmers Every TEFL Teacher Should Know

Starting a lesson with a simple, fun speaking activity (also known as a ‘warmer’) creates a great buzz that will last for the whole class.  When your students arrive, they may not have spoken a single word of English for a week, and so they’ll probably be nervous.  Your job is to make them relaxed and comfortable speaking English again in a positive environment; and a great way to achieve this is ...[Read More]

LIVE WEBINAR: Teaching English in Thailand

Do you fancy teaching English in Thailand? Are you wondering how to get started or what life will be like when you get there? UK TEFL teacher Molly is currently teaching English in the Isaan region of Thailand. She went live on i-to-i’s Facebook page to share her experience and answer your questions about TEFL in Thailand. Watch the full webinar or read on for edited highlights. PREPARING TO TEACH...[Read More]

Top Tips for your first day as a TEFL teacher

Whether you’re getting your camera smiles ready for an online TEFL job, or swapping a headset for the chalkboard of a school classroom, each setting comes with first-day jitters. As a new teacher on the block, you’ll want to make a solid first impression as both a mentor and a colleague, which can be easily achieved by following these top tips (and leaving your ego at the physical or virtual door!...[Read More]

WEBINAR: Top up your income with TEFL

Imagine having a full time career in your home country, while also being able to boost your income by teaching students from all over the world. Sound appealing? Well, TEFL teacher Tabitha thinks it’s great! After stints of teaching English full time in China, France and online, Tabitha decided to put down some roots by taking on a full-time role with a training communications company in London, U...[Read More]

What are the Qualities of a Good Teacher?

Teachers are very important members of any society. And this is especially true for English teachers, who are helping their students to connect and communicate with the wider world. But we have all had teachers that really are a cut above the rest. So, what made them special? What actually are the qualities of a really good teacher? What makes the difference between a person that will positively i...[Read More]

Getting qualified as a TEFL teacher – Graduate Story

Thinking about getting qualified as a TEFL teacher? Want to know whether you’ll be able to fit teaching around your current lifestyle? Well Samantha, an i-to-i graduate, was in your position just a short while ago! Since then she has managed to complete her course in her holidays from university and she is now teaching English alongside her university studies! Want to know more? Read on!   Can you...[Read More]

Everything you need to know about Ofqual and TEFL

So what is Ofqual? Ofqual (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) is the UK government department responsible for regulating qualifications, and their providers, in England. They make sure that courses and qualifications are of a good standard and that they are fit for purpose (which basically means they actually do what they say they will – e.g. get people qualified to teach En...[Read More]

Springtime in South-East Asia – The Arrival of the Cherry Blossoms!

It’s March, which can only mean one thing in South-East Asia – the arrival of the famous cherry blossoms! Each year, with the coming of spring, countries like Japan and South Korea receive a gorgeous gift of the ‘en masse’ blooming of their cherry blossom trees. The colours of the flowers range from white to deep pink and they are an impressive sight to behold! So, why should you be interested in ...[Read More]

What does ‘Level 5 TEFL Course’ actually mean?

There are lots of different TEFL courses out there and you have probably seen the most buzz about having a Level 5 qualification, over some of the other options. But what does having a ‘Level 5 TEFL Course’ actually mean? Don’t worry, we’ll take you through it!   What is a Level 5 TEFL Course? If an accredited course says it is at ‘Level 5’ this basically means that Ofqual (a UK Government departm...[Read More]

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