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TEFL Jobs – And How to Get One!

So, you’ve decided you want to TEFL – great! But now all that’s on your mind is TEFL Jobs, and how to get one. It can seem like an impossible mountain to climb at first but, trust us, TEFL Jobs aren’t as scary as they seem. And you can definitely get one! Check out the questions you need to be asking, and all the info you need in our answers, to help you to land your dream role in no time. When ca...[Read More]

Can you make a living from TEFL? Find out from Tabitha!

You’ve seen the enviable photos from old schoolmates living abroad, or digital nomad friends posting #workfromanywhere selfies from a beach in Bali – but is it true? Can you really make a living from TEFL, or is it a social media fantasy? My name is Tabitha and I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language since 2019. I’m here to tell you that you can make a living from TEFL, but there are some...[Read More]

Motivation for Teachers

Whether you’re already a TEFL teacher looking for motivation and to give yourself a boost, as is often necessary in any job role to be able to maintain your levels of passion and energy, or whether you’re considering becoming a TEFL teacher, and looking for the motivation to do so, you’ve come to the right place! Teaching is an extremely rewarding profession, but it takes a lot of energy and dedic...[Read More]

What is Eliciting? And Why is it Important for Teaching?

Have you been hearing the word ‘eliciting’ a lot? Wondering what it means and why it’s so important? Don’t worry, we can explain! What is ‘eliciting’? When it’s used in relation to teaching, ‘eliciting’ (or elicitation) simply refers to a group of techniques that teachers use to get their students to provide information. So, instead of providing the information all the time, the teacher would give...[Read More]

How long does it take to get TEFL certified?

“So, how long does it take to get TEFL certified?” This is a question we hear a lot and it’s a fair one! We know you’re eager to get started with your plans, whether than involves teaching online from the comfort of your own home, teaching online as a digital nomad while you travel the world, or teaching in classrooms abroad, so it makes sense that you want to know how long it will take you to get...[Read More]

Online and In-person English Games for Students

We all know that having great English games for students helps your class to stay motivated, retain new language better, and enjoy learning English. Games give students the opportunity to produce the target language at a rapid rate, improve their accuracy, and drill spelling and pronunciation in a really fun environment. But did you know that language learning games are important for all levels, n...[Read More]

Festival of the Month: Halloween

Halloween, for those that celebrate, happens every year on the 31st of October and it’s one of the world’s oldest holidays! It’s changed quite a bit from its traditional beginnings though…. Where did Halloween come from? There are differing opinions, but most people agree that it originates from a Celtic festival called ‘Samhain’, which represented the last day of summer before the cold and dark w...[Read More]

29 Amazing Reasons to TEFL, to Celebrate our 29th Birthday!!

i-to-i is 29 years old today!! We’re so happy to have reach this amazing milestone and to have been able to share our passion for teaching with so many of you over the years. We proud to have over 210,000 TEFL graduates worldwide, and we look forward to helping more of you achieve your teaching dreams in the future! In celebration of our birthday, we’ve pulled together a list of fabulous reasons t...[Read More]

Best Places to TEFL with No Degree: Cambodia

No degree? Want to TEFL abroad? No problem! Discover all the best places to TEFL with no degree in our new blog series, starting with….Cambodia! Where is Cambodia? Let’s start off with the basics. After all, it would be a bit strange deciding you want to teach there if you have no idea where in the world it is! Cambodia is a relatively small country in South-East Asia. It’s sandwiched between Thai...[Read More]

How Spanish schools differ to schools in the UK or South Africa

Thinking about working as a TEFL teacher in Spain? First off – great idea! Secondly, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you head out there, as Spanish schools can be really different to schools in the UK or South Africa. Don’t worry though! You’ll find that a lot of the differences will make for a more relaxed and enjoyable teaching environment, so it’s something to look forward to....[Read More]

How Spanish schools differ to the UK Copy

Casual is the way forwards! There are rarely uniform in Spanish schools! The kids wear their own trainers, t-shirts and shorts – even the teachers dress in a much more relaxed way than teachers in the UK. Everyone looks a lot more colourful and comfortable! First name terms The teachers are all called by their first names – There is no such thing as ‘Miss’ or ‘Sir’. This makes the teacher/student ...[Read More]

How to get your TEFL certification online

Let’s start with the why. Why should you want to complete your TEFL certification online instead of in-person? Lots of reasons really but to name a few… You can work around your existing schedule – no need to take blocks of time off work to attend in-person classes or run yourself ragged trying to drive/bike/walk to a class after work. With online courses, you can just log on whenever you’re free,...[Read More]

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