Best Gifts for TEFL Teachers: TEFL Holiday Gift Guide:

Gift vouchers, perfume, and festive socks! It’s that time of the year again! It’s Christmas! Leave your 2020 woes behind and end the year in style! Depending on what kind of person you are, this can mean one of two things. Maybe you’re excited about the festive feeling of eating turkey, drinking port, and opening presents. Or, maybe you’re stressing out over the sheer amount of presents you need to buy for 20 different personalities. These different people that you have to cater to might be gym obsessed, bookworms, or rogue stamp collectors, but they also might be teachers! We understand that Christmas shopping can be painful for some, but we’re here to make it not only easier but more enjoyable to help you find the best gifts for TEFL teachers.

While we won’t sit here and say we have the answer to everyone’s needs, we can confidently say that we’ve got your back when it comes to TEFL teachers! This list of gifts will be for current AND aspiring TEFL teachers, whether it’s for a friend or yourself. Not only that, but we’ve made sure to include things not only suitable but perfect for in-class and online teachers. 

And let’s be honest, no one really wants to shop during a pandemic. These gift ideas are accessible via the internet, without even having to step outside your front door. What could be better? 

Premier TEFL Gift Vouchers

This new launch is perfect for the seasoned TEFLer or those who are new to the game. Whether you’re shopping early in the month or on Christmas Eve, these gift vouchers are always accessible on our site and are one of the best gifts for TEFL teachers. Not only are they easy to get a hold of, but they are very meaningful.

You can facilitate the next step of a teacher’s journey, or be the reason that someone began teaching English as a foreign language. There are so many different ways these gift cards can be used. Want to give someone a hand in starting their 120-hour course? An English for a specific purpose course? Or even a full paid Internship?! Buy the gift voucher, and you’ll grant them the freedom to explore a new avenue of TEFL on our site. Here’s your price guide;

  • You have the option to pay $10, $20, $30, $40, $50, $100, and get what you pay for! Making it suitable for whatever your TEFLer’s needs are
  • But, if you spend $100, you’ll receive a $25 voucher (just for you, or to spend on someone special)
  • Spend $200 and get a $50 voucher
  • OR spend $300 and get a whopping $75 voucher

Gift Vouchers for First Time TEFLers

Sometimes the first step is the hardest. Not only are there so many options to consider, but it’s also a big leap for anyone. Whether it’s needing that confidence or the financial boost, many aspiring TEFLers will stutter and make excuses as to why they can’t start anytime from anywhere. 

These gift cards are perfect for those who need the motivation and need to take the first step to launch their TEFL career. I’m not saying you need to burden them with this gift voucher so they’ll use it. Not at all. But with gift vouchers, their dream of becoming TEFL certified and traveling the world will seem so much more attainable, and literally a few clicks away. All they have to do now is choose. You could literally (well, figuratively) liberate someone from the shackles of uncertainty and financial burden with this perfect gift.

Gift Voucher Header

Gift Vouchers for TEFLers Wanting to Upskill

I know that I know nothing.” – Socrates

Don’t you want to be like Socrates? Well, he was executed, so probably not. But he encouraged the idea of constantly seeking new skills and levels of knowledge. TEFL doesn’t just end once you complete your qualification and get a job. There are so many different opportunities to explore, and some of these come from upskilling and strengthening a teacher’s CV. 

The problem is, not everyone has the resources to upskill these days. During the pandemic, many people have limited funds but plenty of time to stare at walls. That’s why gift vouchers are perfect for current TEFLers! 

While experience is also one of the most important aspects of getting high-paid jobs, many companies or schools will want to see your portfolio of skills. Once someone has acquired some experience (online or in-class), they could expand to something completely different. Our 30-hour specialist courses allow TEFLers to become qualified to teach Business English, IELTS Exam Preparation, Young Learners, and more! Additional qualifications come with many perks from higher pay to a wider range of opportunities.

» Unexpected Perks of Teaching English Online

Gift Vouchers for Paid Internships

Accidentally paid for a China teaching internship for your friend, when they actually wanted to teach in Thailand? Don’t send them to the wrong country! Okay, maybe you wouldn’t do something that rash. But the point is, if you buy a gift voucher on the higher end of the scale, you could help pay for someone’s life-changing experience. They’d receive a 120 hour TEFL course, work placement, a salary, and an authentic opportunity. 

More countries are opening their borders, with Thailand being the latest example. This means that Premier TEFL gift vouchers will be bigger than ever! Opportunities are opening up once again and the TEFL industry is inviting us back overseas. With great offers on our site, you could pay for a huge chunk of someone’s paid Internship. You would literally be facilitating an unforgettable experience for your fellow TEFLer. After months of listening to them moan about how they wish they were abroad, you can finally fulfill their dream. They might even be in that country for a while, so don’t worry about Christmas shopping 2021! But once again, please don’t buy someone an internship in another country for someone out of the blue…

thailand gifts for TEFL teachers

» Teach English in the “Land of Smiles”. Explore your Thailand internship

Lonely Planet Phrasebook & Dictionary

Looking to fill someone’s Christmas stocking that isn’t a gift voucher? Then look no further! This little book the size of your wallet has everything a traveler needs. Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide publisher gives you a comprehensive look at a wide range of desired countries. Whether you want to go to the tropics of Brazil or the flat topography of the Netherlands, Lonely Planet has got you covered.

These useful books will enrich anyone’s stay in a foreign country, as the reader can easily navigate sections to learn the phrases they need to get by. Whether you want to order a meal, ask for directions, or simply say thank you, this is an effective way to communicate before you learn the fundamentals of the language. Not only does Lonely Planet allow you to express yourself in the language of your choice, but it also gives you insight into the history, culture, and differences in dialect along with the country. 

You can find these books online for as little as £4.99, and trust me, they’re the most helpful items you can have if you’re traveling. There aren’t so many things as cheap and small as this that can contain so much information, and be the difference whether you order the right meal or miss your flight! 

Online Teaching Equipment Gifts for TEFL Teachers

If you’re looking for the right thing for an online teacher, your shopping list criteria will be different. While gift vouchers and online courses could be used to upskill, you could also redirect your focus towards technological equipment. These are great options that are very versatile and used for so many things outside of teaching. 

Camera / Webcam

If you’re going to do something, do it right. For any online teacher, a 1080P HD camera can improve the quality of lessons significantly and show your dedication to the teaching platform. Investing both time and money into online teaching will result in more students and more money. Students are not only drawn to teachers who are fun, but they’re drawn to those who are organized and well prepared.

You can find 1080p HD cameras on amazon, and you have the freedom to decide how much you want to spend. With facial enhancement technologies, built-in noise-canceling microphones, and premium glass lenses, you’ll want to spend enough to truly reap the rewards. You can spend anything from £17 upwards for high quality and durable cameras, and you can spend more if you want to make a statement.


Some online teaching companies require teachers to have a wired headset that covers the ears. This is to ensure that the teacher’s headset facilitates high quality and uninterrupted communication, blocking out sounds of your woofing dog or your sneezing family member. Similar to the webcam, you can expect to find seriously high-quality items from the £20 mark. By spending this much, you’ll reap the rewards of multi-platform compatibilities, noise-canceling systems, and an ergonomic design.

With the headset and the webcam, the benefits don’t end with TEFL. With multi-platform compatibility, the advantages of owning these are immeasurable. Gaming is bigger than ever, and a headset will help create an immersive atmosphere to maximize experiences. Furthermore, you can use the webcam and headset on Playstation, Xbox, Windows, Mac, you name it! You could be gaming for one hour, and hosting a video conference with your boss or your friends next. Amazon is pretty much taking the world, and it’s no surprise. You can find a variety of brands that produce these types of equipment, and you can order today and receive them tomorrow.

Workstation Chair

This might seem like an odd choice for a gift but think about it. Unlike gift vouchers, these may be inconvenient and difficult to wrap. But like I said, if you’re gonna do it, do it properly. The teacher shouldn’t use some crusty wooden chair for online teaching. The importance of a good chair and desk is unfortunately overlooked. And here’s why.

We’re sat by our desks for hours, and the harder we work, the less we take notice of our posture. Not only that, but when we finish work, we surf the internet, sitting at our little office or our kitchen table, and our body takes the brunt of the damage. A healthy posture is paramount, and a bad one will lead to backaches, tight hip flexors, and tight shoulders which will lead to more stress. It’s truly a case of the butterfly effect, and how one action – sitting on a chair that isn’t good enough – will lead to many health problems in the long run. 

I didn’t think I’d have to use the word ‘ergonomic’ ever, but it’s the best way to go. On Amazon, you can find chairs with ergonomic design, adjustability, curved backrest, and other features from around £80 upwards. 

Streaming Subscription

We’ve lost count of how many Zoom quizzes we’ve done this year. Who knows if we’ll need to do any more (please, no more quizzes). While we’ve realized we may not be the smartest in our friend’s group, we’ve learned how helpful and effective a tool such as video communication can be. 

Some online teachers opt to teach online independently, while some can only dream of doing so as they don’t know where to start. While they can use a free online software to teach, spending a little money goes a long way when it comes to e-learning. If you were to purchase a streaming subscription as a gift for someone, you could enable them to become the independent online teacher they want to be. The benefits of freelance teaching are numerous, from a high rate of pay, flexible hours, and delivering tailored and specific lesson plans. If you need a few more details regarding the software and platform aspect of online teacher, this blog about teaching as a freelance ESL teacher and software tips tells you everything you need to know.

Background and Props

Who wants to stare at that white slab behind you? A student’s level of engagement can be influenced by the teacher’s backdrop which essentially acts as the classroom. A happy workplace is a productive workplace, and there are many ways to make your surroundings more visibly attractive. While ABC posters and numbers might help the student, you don’t necessarily have to buy something that is so one dimensional or tailored to teaching.

Flags from all over the world will create a colorful and more welcoming background and will capture the essence of cross-cultural communication. Whereas diagrams of the solar system might spark a connection point between a teacher and a student as they reveal their interest in otherworldly things. 

Incorporating props into the classroom is also useful, and these can be very cheap and make up for a classic Christmas stocking gift. These can be Uno Cards, flashcards of animals or other categories, or even puppets! Adding a little buddy to the lesson can catch the student’s eyes and facilitate more dialogue. 

keeping online esl learners engaged

» 7 Ways to Keep Online ESL Learners Engaged

Free Resources

Maybe you’ve done a majority of the shopping, and you just need bulk up. You’ve bought the gift vouchers and the headset, and you still need more. Why not add some extra stuff that isn’t Chocolate Coins, Lynx Africa, or socks? We have plenty of free guides that could help someone with their TEFL experience, whether it’s online or in another country. In our bundle of free resources, we have country guides as well as teacher resources. With a little packaging and personalization, you could really inspire someone to begin a new chapter.

Inside these Country Guides are details on orientation week, culture and locations, FAQs, and plenty of facts that will make you want to book your flight instantly. With details about how you’ll spend your first week and the hottest spots in town, you’ll know what to anticipate before you arrive. We have a country guide for each of the following countries;

  • Argentina (Buenos Aires / Nationwide)
  • Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Thailand
  • China (Shanghai / Nationwide), Taiwan 

In our teacher resources, we cover plenty of subjects, from job hunting and comparisons, the World of TEFL guide, or our favorite – Warmers, Fillers, and Coolers.

warmers fillers and coolers activity ebook

Warmers, Fillers, and Coolers

This free resource pack is fantastic for both new and current TEFLers. Warmers, Fillers, and Coolers is a comprehensive guide of different activities and how you can use them to capture your student’s eyes. With an array of options, you’ll never run out of ideas with this booklet. 

For new TEFLers, they’ll want to accumulate as much useful information as possible before diving into their first lesson. With more options to utilize in the classroom, you’ll have a more confident teacher. Current teachers will sometimes find their lessons becoming stale, as they quickly run out of ideas of how to engage their students. To revitalize the classroom, the pack will inspire so many new ideas and activities to deploy in the lesson, and diversify your student’s experience. 

This pack contains 19 warmer activities, 16 filler activities, and 20 cooler activities! You could create an entire lesson plan based on these activities alone. All you need to know is what you’re teaching! With so many possibilities and variations, you could probably storm through an entire syllabus using these activities alone. 

TEFL Teacher Gifts for Everyone

There we have it! That’s our guide for TEFL Teacher gifts for when Christmas is nearing and you need more inspiration. They don’t necessarily have to be teacher-specific, a creative teacher can use anything in the classroom. Whether they’re travel enthusiasts or specialize in online teaching, the gift vouchers, phrasebooks, and teaching equipment listed belong under the tree. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an online teacher or in-class teacher, we have your back. Or maybe you’re catering for an experienced teacher, or a fresher to the TEFL world, there are still plenty of options that work for both. We don’t know your budget, but we know your intention. Remember, it’s the thought that counts!

Are they any ESL teacher gifts that we missed? Let us know if the comments below so we can let other teachers know!

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