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Teaching in Thailand vs Vietnam

Vietnam and Thailand are some of TEFL’s most popular destinations, and for good reason. Southeast Asian hospitality, delicious and cheap cuisine, biodiversity in abundance, beautiful tropical landscapes, need I say more? Now, you’ve set your sights on either Vietnam or Thailand, but you may be asking a few questions. So here are your FAQs about teaching in both Vietnam and Thailand.  What are the ...[Read More]

Countries With The Highest Teaching Abroad Salary

Want to travel the world while gaining work experience? Teaching English abroad is for you. You’ll be visiting new countries, tasting new cuisines, making new friends and giving back to the community. However, you’re not doing it for free, are you? English teachers have a skill which is high in demand –  the ability to speak English proficiently. Therefore, the work of an English teacher is one wh...[Read More]

Are There Age Limits or Restrictions to Teach English Abroad?

Sometimes, teaching English abroad sounds too good to be true. Travel the world, you say, while getting paid and enhancing career prospects? When something sounds too good to be true, we will always think there are strings attached, or that it simply isn’t possible. And as a result, we get many people asking things such as am I too old/young to teach English abroad? So, how old do you need to be t...[Read More]

My Experience Teaching English in Thailand

There are parts of life for all of us that hold amazing unforgettable memories, bringing us joy when we think of them. Teaching in Thailand was one of those experiences for me. My time in Thailand was filled with adventures and moments that created stories I will hold on to forever. Immersing myself in a new culture provided me with opportunities I never would have encountered if I had stayed at h...[Read More]

Marketing Yourself On Social Media Platforms

There are so many platforms for teachers to market themselves however the most important thing is where to market yourself and to find the right market to start freelance online teaching. Many teachers think that the market is over-flooded with online English teachers. While this is true, there are so many students wanting to learn English around the world. This is why it is vital to creating an e...[Read More]

5 Tips For Teaching English In South Korea

So you’re thinking of teaching in South Korea? Congratulations, you are making a wonderful choice! South Korea is a beautiful country filled with rich history, delicious food, and an incredible education system. Whether you have been teaching for decades or are just starting out, there are hundreds of opportunities to teach all across the country! @premiertefl Your story starts here – with Premier...[Read More]

9 (or so) Tips For Teachers On Looking After Your Mental Health

After a long day of teaching, have you ever just wanted to put your feet up but remembered that you must do that feedback form? Maybe you have just started teaching and you’re getting overwhelmed with the aspect of being in front of a class for hours at a time. Don’t worry! Whilst the allure of teaching might make you want to jump headfirst into doing as many hours as you can do, remember that you...[Read More]

5 Benefits of TEFL for Qualified Teachers

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our communities. They grade the work of classrooms of 30 students and prepare lesson plans and resources outside of their working hours. They manage the classroom and ensure that children are learning optimally in a safe environment. Sometimes, the challenging work of qualified teachers goes unappreciated.  You may have the summer holidays to see the world, much l...[Read More]

Change and Pivot Your Career Towards TEFL

With over 10 years of experience in the ESL training field, Rosie discusses why you should consider TEFL as a career change and how you could achieve this. Whether you’re concerned about your level of experience, qualifications, age, or nationality, Rosie answers the most sought out questions. Why TEFL as a Career Change? My name is Rosie, and I’ve been in the TEFL field since 2006. I’ve seen quit...[Read More]

Your most Googled Questions about Online TEFL Courses – Answered!

So, you are searching for an online TEFL certification and you need one that is flexible and fits your budget. While there are many TEFL courses to choose from, your time is precious. To help you out, here’s a roundup of some of your most googled questions about online TEFL courses. You’ll have the knowledge to make the perfect choice to begin your TEFL journey in no time.  What TEFL course should...[Read More]

How to be a Confident Teacher

You’ve got your TEFL Qualification, you’ve got your degree. Maybe you’ve even got experience in the TEFL classroom. But maybe you’re missing a key component, and you’re wondering how to be a confident teacher.  Confidence is key, they say. But what is confidence? That feeling when people ‘like’ your photo? The ability to strut down the street finger gunning people? Well, this article will help you...[Read More]

3 Skills That a Freelance TEFL Teacher Needs (and most only have 1)

There are many ways that you can teach English online. You can work for a company which provides you with a curriculum, schedule and also provides you the students. You can also advertise your services on a platform which will also help you find your students. But, the platform will earn a percentage for each lesson you teach. Or, you can go it alone by acquiring your own students and using your o...[Read More]

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