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You’re Never Too Old to Teach English – Meet TEFL Teacher Laurie

After a successful career in the travel industry, Laurie was forced to change course because of the global pandemic. Teaching English online was a retirement plan but is now a reality. Laurie gives us a glimpse into her life in the travel industry as a TEFL teacher at 60, showing us you’re never too old to teach English.  Tell us about Laurie! What’s your background? I was born in France but spent...[Read More]

7 Fall ESL Activities to Swoon Over

The aroma of the recently released pumpkin spice latte is too much to handle. That’s why you need to cave in and bid your official adieu to the summer season (it was a good one, no?). And since your love for all things cozy-and-autumnal is hard to hide—cute boots BTW—we think you should translate your love for the season into your TEFL classroom with fall ESL activities! If you’re teaching English...[Read More]

Teaching Abroad as an Older Teacher: Am I Too Old?

At Premier TEFL, we get plenty of questions about whether someone can teach English as a foreign language. People will ask whether not being a native speaker or not having a Bachelor’s Degree disqualifies them from teaching English online or abroad. Pro tip: it doesn’t. This time, the big question is whether you can be an older TEFL teacher and have a successful TEFL career. There’s always a quick...[Read More]

Can You Teach in China? Interview with Abeo Lewis

Abeo Lewis is from the wonderful Trinidad and Tobago and has been living in Shanghai, to fulfill her dream to teach in China. We caught up with her to hear about the challenges she has faced and her experiences of living in China throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Hello Abeo! Tell us more about you before you decided to teach in China. What’s your background? I’m from Trinidad and Tobago, a smal...[Read More]

8 Requirements When Applying to Teach English Online

Teaching English online is as good as it sounds—make [decent] money while at home, secretly wearing your pajama bottoms? Moving abroad and sustaining a life full of travel? Paying off student loans with a side hustle? Yes yes YES! But hold your horses! We’re here to ensure that you have everything you need to get the right offers and to optimize your teaching experience. You don’t want to jump in ...[Read More]

How Much Can I Make Teaching English Online

Want to make money from home? Or on the move from your van while traveling Europe? Here’s one simple trick to achieve that. Sounds like a spam email, right?. Well, teaching English online is an incredibly viable option for those who are looking to make money from home, especially during these times of uncertainty. With the economy being incredibly fragile at the moment, we should be thankful that ...[Read More]

The Best TEFL Resources for Teaching English to Refugees

We’ve gotten so many calls lately looking for advice for teaching refugees and migrants. The usual questions are what do I need to teach English followed by what are the best TEFL resource for teaching English to refugees? We want to share our knowledge with you to help you change someone’s life, today. When considering your lesson plans for teaching English to refugees, make sure you take into co...[Read More]

What Does TEFL Stand For? | Your Guide to TEFL Acronyms

In the TEFL world, it’s hard to get by without the constant use of acronyms. I’ve mentioned one already, and I’m going to mention many more, so prepare yourself. Why are there so many acronyms and what do they mean? In this article, we’re going to divide the categories into general acronyms, TEFL qualifications, examinations, and classroom lingo. We will distinguish TEFL from TESOL, CELTA from DEL...[Read More]

Non-Chinese ESL Companies | Alternative Platforms to Teach For

Are you looking for non-Chinese ESL companies to teach with? While the pandemic meant the demise and setbacks for many companies and industries, the e-learning industry boomed. The pandemic left over a billion students out of school, and many turned their gaze towards online. ESL teachers as well as students could take part in lessons where it was accessible and safe. However, the online ESL indus...[Read More]

From Musician to Rockstar Freelance English Teacher: Meet Ryan Cook

Some of the most asked questions here at Premier TEFL are 1) What are things like abroad due to the pandemic especially in Thailand as internship registration was closing soon. 2) Is being a freelance English teacher worth it and how do I do it? That’s when I met Ryan Cook. Ryan Cook enrolled in a level 5 TEFL course while living in Thailand and was to be the person that held the answers to these ...[Read More]

How Miranda Made Her Travel Dreams Come True in Cambodia

Miranda’s dream was always to travel to Asia and in March 2021, that dream came true. Miranda packed her bags focused on teaching in Cambodia. Even the global pandemic wasn’t going to stop her. Read Miranda’s story to learn about the process of traveling during COVID-19, Cambodia’s quarantine hotel process and how made friends. Hi Miranda! Can you tell us about yourself! We’d love to know about yo...[Read More]

China’s Ban on Private ESL Tutoring | What You Need to Know

There has been a wave of panic across the globe as China announced its ban on private ESL tutoring, but it’s not all doom and gloom. While the future of many popular ESL teacher companies like DadaABC, PalFish, and Magic Ears doesn’t look promising, there IS hope. The market is about to become even more competitive so arm yourself with the best TEFL course and get as much teaching experience as po...[Read More]

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