Next Webinar: Teaching English Online – Companies vs Freelancing

Work For a Company for Freelance Independently?

Do you want to learn more about your options for teaching English online? Join this career-boosting webinar to discover the answer to your MOST ASKED online tutoring question. “Should I work for a company or freelance independently?” We’ll be joined by well-known ESL blogger Frazer Hainsworth from Online Teachers Club. Frazer specializes in helping TEFL teachers make the transition from in-person to virtual teaching. Limited spots available, register now!

companies or freelance webinar

Frazer, originally from Liversedge, England moved to Asia in Late 2012. He has been involved in English Language Teaching for over 8 Years and Online English Education for over 5. He has experience teaching English to both adults and young learners in Vietnam and Thailand. More recently Online to students of various nationalities. Frazer runs Online Teachers Club, a popular blog and job board for Online English Teachers and has been training teachers on how to make the transition from classroom teaching to Online Teaching since 2016.

Make sure to join Frazer on zoom, December 2nd at 2pm UK time, and learn if freelance English teaching is for you!

How Much Can I Earn if I Freelance Independently?

Should I teach online or freelance? Is this the question that has been keeping you up at night? Will you make more money teaching with a company or should you go out by yourself and teach freelance?

Salary calculator


Want to read about teachers who freelance independently?

Check out Ralph who combined his law degree with TEFL or Geoffrey who pivoted his career and has his own TEFL business!

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