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The best TEFL Courses to get qualified to teach English online

Teaching English online is an amazing opportunity right now for any aspiring TEFLer. Whether you’re wanting to be your own boss, start a new, more flexible career, earn extra income from home or teach online to gain experience before heading off to teach abroad – it opens up a world of possibilities. To get started teaching English online, all you’ll need is a laptop/PC, webcam, internet and a TEFL certification – that’s where we come in. Depending what your end goal is, will depend on the TEFL Course you take…

Access to the best online teaching jobs

To get access to the best, highest-paying online teaching jobs, you’re going to need the best TEFL training! For this, we’d recommend skipping the courses and going straight for our Level 5 TEFL Diploma. This is the highest level of TEFL training you can get and it includes all of the additional extras you can think of, such as teaching English online and teaching Business English – did you know, you can earn BIG teaching business English online?! Plus, it’s highly regarded by TEFL employers all over the world, so it’ll look really impressive when you’re applying for jobs too.

What’s included?

  • CELTA-level training
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • 180 hours of Level 5 online TEFL training
  • UK Government-regulated qualification
  • Support and feedback from DELTA-qualified tutors
  • Level 5 Teaching One-to-One Course
  • Level 5 Teaching Online Course
  • Level 5 Teaching Business English Course

Get qualified quickly

If you’re wanting to get qualified super quickly and start earning from home within a matter of weeks, we’d suggest taking a Level 3 120 Hour Course. This is the most basic TEFL Course you can take and although it won’t open up many doors to the highest paying online teaching jobs, you’ll still be able to find lots of jobs that you can apply for. Plus, you can also add on a specialist course in teaching English online to increase your skills and boost your CV.

What’s included?

  • 120 hours of online TEFL training
  • Internationally recognised certificate
  • UK Government-regulated qualification
  • Support and feedback from qualified tutors

Non-native English speakers

If you’re a non-native English speaker and you’re worried about being able to find a job teaching English online, don’t be! There are lots of online teaching companies out there who hire non-native English speakers. In fact, you often have more to offer as you can teach your native language too – winner! For non-native English speakers, we generally recommend taking a Level 3 Course, unless your English is near-native, then you should be able to complete a Level 5 Course with ease. For those who are fluent in English and want access to the best online teaching jobs possible, we’d recommend taking the Level 3 300 Hour Course. This is the highest Level 3 Course you can take and, much like the Level 5 300 Hour Diploma, it include lots of helpful extras such as, teaching one-to-one and advanced lesson planning.

What’s included?

  • 120 hours of online TEFL training
  • Inter
  • UK Government-regulated qualification
  • Support and feedback from DELTA-qualified tutors
  • Teaching Young Learners Course
  • Awareness of Grammar Course
  • Advanced Lesson Planning Course
  • Teaching One-to-One Course
  • Teaching Business English Course

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