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I attended online TEFL/TESOL course at TEFL Cambridge School two years ago. This will be a TEFL Cambridge review of my time attending the course.

The course lasts 140 hours and you have 90 days to complete it, which is more than enough. You can log in at any time and work as much as you want, which is very convenient if you work or study because you can make your own schedule.

The school is located in London, which is irrelevant because you can attend the course from the comfort of your own home without wasting your time commuting to school and back home.

Lessons very detailed and well explained. After every two or three lessons you do the test, which isn’t very difficult. If you read the lessons carefully you won’t have any problems solving the tests. The questions in the test are multiple choice, you don’t have to type the answers in your own words, but simply choose the right answer.

Cambridge TEFL Support

If anything goes wrong you always have help center available for any kind of questions or problems. For example, while I was doing the course there was a system error on their site and a part of my work seemed lost, some of the lessons I successfully completed were empty. I was upset and I sent an email asking for help. They apologized for the inconvenience, they solved the problem very quickly and they offered me extra two weeks to complete the course. I really didn’t need extra time, but it’s good for you to know that you can count on their support if anything goes wrong.

One part of the course is about English grammar and vocabulary, which every English teacher has already known. But, there are also many lessons about teaching techniques and methods of the work at classroom, teaching one on one, teaching young students etc. I found them very useful and helpful. They are written in a nice way, easy to understand and with a lot of practical examples. I had been teaching for many years before I enrolled to this course and I could recognize real situations in these examples.

The price was about 520 dollars. I paid the amount at the nearest bank and in a day or two I received email with detailed instructions.


After the Course

After the course had finished they contacted me on several occasions asking me to send them my CV so they can keep it in their database if any job offer occurs.

It might seem that I am writing only about pros and no cons, but this is my honest and objective review. The only, let’s call it disadvantage, is that this kind of online course is a little bit unsocial. You are doing the course in front of your computer completely alone. There is no teacher – student interaction since there is no teacher. But, should you have any questions related to the lessons you can post message on the classroom board and they will answer you quickly. There are also no schoolmates. At a classroom course you can make friends, meet colleagues, share your impressions with others, which is not the case with an online course.

So, let’s reassume: On the plus side you have reasonable price, possibility to arrange your own time, saving time commuting, great lesson plan, help center for any kind of support, and on the minus side there are no schoolmates and teacher.

For me it was great experience, very helpful for future career, and I would highly recommend this school and this course to every ESL teacher or anybody who would love to become one.

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