Our Favourite Premier TEFL Reviews of 2019 (so far)

With us being a little over halfway through 2019, we thought it was time for a bit of reflection in Premier TEFL HQ and our team has picked their favourite TEFL reviews of 2019 so far from some of our AMAZING customers! You can check out all of our reviews here.

Mehdi thought our 290 Level 5 Course was amazing!

The 180 Hour Course is the perfect match for Janice!

The 120 Hour Course can be a lifesaver, take Jeremy for example!

Maddie loved her time during her Spain TEFL Internship. She even wrote about it for us – read her story!

Finally, this person kept it short and sweet.

Now that you’ve heard what some of our customers had to say in their TEFL Reviews, why not check out all of our TEFL Courses and Internships and start your own journey!

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