i-to-i TEFL Reviews: Our best reviews in 2020

As the year 2020 draws to a close, we wanted to reflect back on one of our proudest achievements this year… changing the lives of many aspiring TEFL teachers. We have provided the knowledge, tools and skills to help many begin their brand new lives as TEFL tutors. The i-to-i team is committed to providing excellent customer service. Hearing your fantastic TEFL stories and reviews of your experience with i-to-i has kept morale and spirits high throughout the year. We are proud to say that 94% of our graduates would recommend i-to-i TEFL. Plus, we have also been rated us a super-shiny 4.67 out of 5 stars! We have compiled some of our favourite i-to-i TEFL reviews of 2020.

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“Deciding to take this course on was one of the best decisions I am proud to have made”

“Deciding on taking this course was one of the best decisions I am proud to have made. This course opens new horizons to even experienced teachers to different areas of teaching that may have not been taken into consideration before. The flow of the course and its organization is extremely informative and useful. Covering each section with a review, quizzes and final test makes sure you get the utmost benefit of the course as a whole. I recommend this course not just for people who are planning to be teachers, or are already teachers, but also for those ones who work in training environment in general.” – Mohamed Salah



“I cannot begin to explain the sheer amount of appreciation and respect I have for the team at i-to-i”

“After months of researching and reading endless reviews for the best TEFL course provider, I decided to start my journey with i-to-i. I booked onto the 320 hour, level 5 Diploma course; which is inclusive of one-to-one / online teaching and Business English. I cannot begin to explain the sheer amount of appreciation and respect I have for the team at i-to-i, for being on call whenever I needed assistance or advice. As a novice to the learning and techniques of teaching, there were moments when I was doubting if TEFL is a suitable course for me. However, the team at i-to-i tailored the course in such a manner, that I was able to study with ease and confidence. I genuinely found the structure of the course to be very effective, especially in facilitating learning. I can now speak with confidence, that I am ready to teach, be it in a classroom or online.

If you are searching for a reputable TEFL course provider, for an organisation which is built on excellent customer service and satisfaction, for a dedicated team who supports its students… you need not look any further, sign up with i-to-i! I have had the best learning journey with i-to-i and grateful for all the support from the team. Once again, thank you i-to-i, you have been well and truly awesome! :)” – Aleshah


“One is never too old to learn!”

“Despite having taught for over 26 years, from pre-school to grade 6, I still thoroughly enjoyed this course….and still learnt a lot! One is never too old to learn! Most teachers have a 3 year degree/4 year diploma in education, and yet I would still highly recommend that every new teacher about to embark on this rewarding career, do this course at some stage of their life…just not their first year…far too hectic! If I had done this course as an added extra to my qualifications, I am sure I would have felt that little bit more confident in my initial years of teaching. There are some great ideas here, and for me personally, it has been a gentle yet exciting introduction to the fast-growing world of technology in and beyond the classroom. Thank you, i-to-i TEFL!” – Gigha Kelly


“They are a fantastic TEFL provider”

“I’ve really enjoyed the i-to-i TEFL level 5 320 hour course. Everything from day one has been clearly explained, the online learning platform is easy to navigate, the assignments were really interesting, I found every level to be worthwhile, engaging and I learned a lot. The customer service is quick, friendly and efficient too. So overall it’s a great course and they are a fantastic TEFL provider.” – Parris


Online TEFL teacher


“This company offers so much that I never got through my previous course e.g. resource packages”

“Myself and my husband are doing the Level 5 TEFL course through i-to-i TEFL and I have to say that the course is excellent. Also this company offers so much that I never got through my previous course, e.g., resource packages, online help etc. Well done guys.” – Simone Dubowitz


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