Hybrid TEFL Courses: A New Way To Get TEFL Qualified

Choosing the ‘gold standard’ of qualifications for your TEFL training is an investment in your future. A hybrid TEFL course is a cutting edge teacher training system with a holistic approach. Set your own schedule with self-paced study units and meet like-minded peers in your virtual Teacher Studio classroom to gain invaluable TEFL teaching practice.

What Is a Hybrid TEFL Course?

A hybrid TEFL course is a teacher training system that allows you to combine the theory of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) and practical teaching practice. It’s the best choice for people who want feedback on their teaching practice sessions from a qualified ESL teacher whilst also enjoying the flexibility of self-paced online learning.

The 300 Hour Level 5 Hybrid Master TEFL Course with Teaching Practice is professionally structured and covers a broad range of essential teacher training techniques plus high-demand specialisms. It consists of 3 core elements; self-paced online learning, TEFL-Pro specialism modules plus real-time live virtual classes in the Teacher Studio.

The Teacher studio gives you highly sought after TEFL teaching practice. The course also includes four separate 30-hour specialization courses (Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English, Teaching IELTS, and Teaching TOEIC). You’ll also get a 3 pack of essential classroom resources for new teachers: the ultimate grammar guide, a lesson planning how-to guide, and a young learner’s online lesson pack.

How Does the Combined TEFL Course Work?

Hybrid TEFL courses combine the theory of teaching ESL and the practicality of learning in a virtual classroom. Among the 6 units in the 300-hour Hybrid TEFL course is 168 hours of Ofqual regulated teacher training divided over 11 modules. Topics range from the basic principles of teaching to essential grammar and vocabulary. You’ll also attend our virtual classroom for teacher training. This consists of two 3.5 hours sessions taught online in real-time to a small group of students in a friendly environment.

Study the Hybrid TEFL Course

What Are the Benefits of Hybrid TEFL Courses?

Hybrid TEFL courses are a holistic approach to TEFL training. You are about to receive a cutting edge teacher training experience. You will find that employers will trust and respect your teaching qualification when it comes to your TEFL job hunt.

Here’s how learning to teach English with the hybrid method can liberate your life & career:
🔓 In one course you can unlock your greatest skill – the English language
💻 Self-paced teacher training to get an online teaching job easily and earn around $20-35 an hour from your sofa
🏫 Two sessions in our virtual Teacher Studio, led by an expert ESL teacher-trainer
🌏 Learn to embrace travel again and get a job almost anywhere in the world
⏳ BONUS! Lesson plans for teaching online plus grammar and lesson-building eBooks that are essential for every new teacher
Your guide to getting hired in TEFL


TEFL courses are flexible to suit your needs and commitments. Take care of your kids, head to the gym, or clean the house first. Gain your teaching qualification on your terms. Create your own schedule and conveniently log in and pick up where you left off when you have free time.

Social Interaction

Through the 10 hours of virtual teacher training, you will share the learning experience with like-minded trainee teachers and a qualified teacher. It’s also an opportunity to understand how your future students feel in an online classroom.

Modules can sometimes contain complex topics that a qualified ESL tutor can better explain in the virtual classroom. You can discuss topics with the teacher and with each other in this social outlet. All virtual sessions cater to smaller classroom sizes, we’ve found the magic number to be 12. Classmates are supportive and often form friendships during the sessions.

TEFL Teaching Practice

The 10 hours of virtual teacher training is rolled out through two real-time workshops. They involve an invaluable teaching practice element with peer to peer learning. This aspect of the course helps to build confidence for aspiring teachers, equipping them with information and resources to enter the working world of teaching. Students will also benefit from a 10 pack of ready-to-go lesson plans to kick-start an online teaching career.

How Long Does the Hybrid Course Take?

Time is an important element of study. The hybrid course is a comprehensive course and the Level 5 option involves a commitment of 300 hours in total. As a student of the hybrid course, you are given a six month period from the time of enrollment to complete your studies and gain your qualification.

The hybrid TEFL course has 6 self-contained units. While we recommend a flow to your learning, starting with the core theory of teaching English as a foreign language, there is plenty of flexibility for you to steer your learning. You can choose which aspect you want to engage: the ESL theory, virtual classes, or the TEFL-Pro specialization courses.

For aspiring TEFL teachers who want to get certified quickly, the Fast-Track 250 hour Hybrid TEFL Course is the perfect alternative to the Level 5 package.

300 hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate

Do I Get TEFL Certified?

Upon successful completion, all students of the 300 hour Hybrid TEFL Course will receive a Level 5 Certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The certification is regulated by Ofqual (Office of Qualification and  Examinations Regulation of the U.K. Government). It is the equivalent to a foundation degree and is an internationally recognized and commendable qualification which will open many pathways of employment for teachers. In addition you will receive Premier TEFL certifications from the virtual Teacher Studio and 4 TEFL-Pro specialist courses.

Emerging English language teachers want to invest time in finding the most comprehensive teaching package available. The right qualification will be an invaluable tool in the crowded job market to secure the most coveted English teaching jobs online and abroad.


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