Our Favorite Verified Premier TEFL Reviews of 2021

Our Favorite Verified Reviews of 2021

A new year has begun which means we here at Premier TEFL have time to reflect and investigate how we performed as a business in the past 12 months. It’s typical for a company to use metrics on sales and production to measure their success when analyzing their business activity for the year. We do things a little bit different at Premier TEFL. We calculate success in reviews left by our customers and graduates.

In this short article, with the assistance of some of our favorite reviews, I will detail the importance of verified written online reviews to us here at Premier TEFL. To kick things off, here is a featured video review from our outstanding graduate Denise!


The Power of Online Reviews:

In recent time, we have seen a big shift in shopping from being an activity solely performed in-person to a possibility online. E-commerce is prevalent and still growing, especially in the past couple of years. Although there are many benefits, there are also many downsides to shopping online. It has become increasingly difficult to find websites that are trustworthy. This is why reviews are vital when it comes to shopping online – they can lead consumers towards the best service providers in the industry.

It can be difficult to navigate the internet when browsing and shopping because of scams plaguing the web and adverts permeating various pages. Because of features such as Google Ads, any business can be featured on the first page of an internet search if they have the funds to suffice. Therefore, customers are beginning to rely more on reviews left by other customers on platforms like Trustpilot.


Why Reviews are Important to us:

We find maintaining an honest reputation is a key to reassuring customers. Reviews prove we are a real, genuine, trustworthy business. We could preach and pride ourselves on being one of the best TEFL course providers in the world – but what do those words mean without any proof?

Having an array of reviews available for anyone with an interest in our service to read and research provides them with the security of knowing that our products and service are of the highest quality. Reviews can even be the deciding factor in whether someone chooses us… approximately 1/3 of our customers say they picked Premier TEFL because of our beaming online reviews.


Positive / Negative Reviews:

We appreciate every review left regarding Premier TEFL as a service provider, whether they are negative or positive. Of course, we love to read positive reviews! They are like a little “pat on the back” to let us know that we are making people happy and helping them to achieve their goals.

We are also grateful to take negative reviews on-board so that we can improve ourselves and our services. Although we have performed countless trials, our customers who experience our courses and internships have another way to see things. We strive for perfection, so taking a step back with an outside perception can allow us to improve our services!


Our Favorite Reviews

Thembeka’s 5-star 10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course Review:

Thembeka completed her 10 Hour Virtual Practice Class with us and was thrilled that she did so! She found the classes to be dynamic and beneficial as she received an in-depth learning experience. She highly recommends this course for beginners to grasp an understanding of how the classroom operates as well as learning unique teaching techniques. Thembeka felt she really benefited from the insights provided by her teacher, Michelle Benson, who kept the students engaged. She cannot recommend Premier TEFL enough, it seems!

Thembecka's review about Premier TEFL

“The 10-hour virtual practice class was highly informative and engaging. It was a great introduction to the world of TEFL teaching, especially for beginners like myself. I learnt a lot about different teaching techniques and got a good sense of what to expect in a real classroom/online lesson. Our teacher, Michelle Benson, was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Her warm, bubbly personality and helpful tips kept us interested and involved for hours. I’m so glad I took this practical class.” Thembeka


Rita’s 5-star Review – Premier is a “First Class” TEFL provider:

Rita was thrilled with the service provided by Premier TEFL. At first, she had attempted to contact two other TEFL providers and was disappointed to receive no contact in response. Her contact to Premier TEFL was reciprocated in a day, and after booking her course she received a follow-up call to welcome her and check if she had any queries! She is really satisfied by our listening but also by our lessons that help her become more confident as a teacher.

Rita's review about Premier TEFL

“I am very impressed with the service I got from the people at Premier and the quality of their teaching material. I had approached two other online schools for a teaching practice course and sent e-mails with questions to both of them but they never got back to me. Then, I found Premier and contacted them. Within a day I got an answer and someone chatted with me online to help me fill out the form to get the course I wanted. Following me booking a course I was contacted by phone to check if I had received the e-mail with the instructions to start my course. Wow ! That is first class service in my book ! I am now studying the content of their general English lesson plan pack and it is much more professional then other lesson plan I have gone thru. I will definitely book more classes with PREMIER because they make me feel confident I can be an excellent English teacher for foreigners.” – Rita Cardinal


Patricia’s wonderful review about our team and the 10 hours of Virtual Day TEFL Course:

Patricia took part in the very well-received  10 hours of virtual day TEFL course. For her, feelings are upon words and it is especially true for her course with us. Her trip was not always simple. However, she thanks each member of our team she met for the help we provided to her when needed. She is grateful for our star teachers, Michelle and Luke. But also the cogs in the Premier machine: Nikki and Sandra. She recommends both our courses and company to anyone interested in teaching English, and are looking to take their first steps!

Patricia's review about Premier TEFL

“I have a quote on my wall by Carl W. Buehner that states “They may forget what you said – but they will never forget how you made them feel” and that is how I can sum up my TEFL journey with Premier as I will never forget how they made me feel and would like to take this opportunity to name a few of the people who made my experience at Premier a truly awesome journey.

Michelle (Benson) who does the 10 Hour Virtual TEFL Course, it was like spending the weekend with your best friend all whilst gaining a wealth of knowledge to put into practice in the real world. Nikki (Foley) for inspiring me and giving me the boost I needed to get over my last hurdle. Luke (O’Dea) for your unfailing friendliness, calm demeanour and helpful advice at every Zoom Q&A that I attended. Sandra (Lane) for EVERYTHING!! I will always remember my TEFL journey with Premier and would highly recommend Premier to anyone who is interested in starting or wanting to further their knowledge in teaching to most definitely sign up with a company like PREMIER, they truly have your best interests at heart. Thank you Premier!!”


Joy’s first review about how much she is satisfied with our company:

After her 168 hours course, Joy was compelled to write her own review about our services. Indeed, she was really satisfied by our guidance and support which never failed her, according to her words.  She underlines our reactivity and the support we provided her when she needed it. She does not seem to regret her purchase with us and found the journey of this 168-hour TEFL course worth all the money!! That is why she will recommend our company and courses to anyone interested in teaching English!Joy's review about Premier TEFL

“This is my first time writing a review but I had to do it because of the support and guidance I got from Premier TEFL. I did the 168 hours Tefl course and I can confidently say I got my money’s worth. Sandra Lane was always there to help me in any way. All I needed to do was send a mail and she would respond in no time! Thank you, Premier TEFL. I would recommend you guys any day and at any time. “


Giuliana’s review about how inspired she has been by her classes:

Giuliana had chosen the 10 hours of virtual teaching practice. She wanted to have more experience before teaching to real students.  Attending these classes and experiencing planning lessons in advance helped Giuliana develop her confidence in giving her own lessons. Classes with Michelle, her teacher for these 10 hours, seem to give her ideas for the future. To sum up, this 10 hours course was a success for her!

Giuliana's review about Premier TEFL

“I took the 10-hour virtual teaching practice course because I do not have any experience teaching ESL, and it was totally worth it. The teacher, Michelle Benson, was energetic, engaging, and kept everyone’s attention at all times. Watching her teach a class was such an inspiration, and getting to plan and teach a lesson was an extremely valuable experience. I feel more prepared and confident in planning and delivering my lessons now.”


Sydney’s review after finding her dream job:

Sydney’s journey with Premier TEFL is the epitome of confidence. She attributes the fact to have her dream job to Premier. Sydney is grateful for the help the team provided her while completing her program with us. She managed to find her dream job and live life to the fullest, with the assistance of the team at Premier TEFL.
Syndey's review about Premier TEFL

“I have so much confidence, in Premier TEFL to get me where I want to go. Not only, did this program introduce me to my dream job, but they encouraged me to pursue it. Assuring me every step of the way, they would be there to help with any questions I had. I’ve never been so excited for something in my life.” 


How could a TEFL course benefit you?

If you are amped up to study with us at Premier TEFL after reading these incredible reviews, fantastic! That proves how monumental the impact of a review is on a person’s perception of a business. You can see what courses we have to offer  and find out which course is best suited to your goals.

Studying and completing a TEFL course gives you the freedom to work from home or work anywhere in the world! Like St.Augustin says: “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page”. What do you think about reading a whole library?

Teaching English freelance creates unique opportunities and experiences leading to lifelong memories and relationships. It is an occasion to grow up mentally and discover new ways to think, to live. Even though you are the teacher, your students from different countries will bring you way more than you think.

Our courses and internships are recognized worldwide. It means that once you graduate, you can travel around the world, earn money and experience new cultures. In addition, TEFL accreditation is lifelong, so no need to worry about time!

So, what are you waiting for?! If you’re interested, look at this article to know which course suits you the most!

We are so grateful for every review written about us in 2021! We look forward to reading and responding to every review our customers will write this year! (Hopefully, your name will be at the end of one of those reviews!)

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