Thailand’s Rainy Season – a Synchronous Chaos

A peculiar thing every time it rains in Thailand. The stress and general atmosphere of anxiety starts rising in the city as soon as it starts pouring. Even more noticeable, people start driving differently, more aggressive, motorcycles more determined to zigzag their way out of the rain. You might say this is normal, however, having lived in a few rainy cities, I haven’t noticed the same reaction to rain as I have in Bangkok.

On the upside, as soon as it stops raining, smiles come back to people’s faces, the city slows down and the sound of street vendors pushing their carts back onto the sidewalks has a certain feeling of serenity.

Usually, a session of heavy rain doesn’t last more than 30 minutes but it is surely a sight to behold.

I have been traveling and teaching ESL abroad ever since I graduated university. This life choice has taken me around the world and allowed me to experience cultures and meet people that I did not know existed.

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