Chiang Rai Thailand – Keep it on the down low

Unspoiled Nature Away from busy Bangkok and the tourist filled beaches. Surrounded by farmland and mountains, Chiang Rai is slowly attracting more foreigners to visit and live in the northern Thai province.

Thailand’s Rainy Season – a Synchronous Chaos

A peculiar thing every time it rains in Thailand. The stress and general atmosphere of anxiety starts rising in the city as soon as it starts pouring. Even more noticeable, people start driving differently, more aggressive, motorcycles more determined to zigzag their way out of the rain. You might say this is normal, however, having lived in a few rainy cities, I haven’t noticed the same reaction ...[Read More]

How are Teachers Moving to Online Teaching?

The current situation in 2020 has forced many schools and universities to move online. What does that mean for teachers and students? Surely, some people were excited by the prospect of teaching from the comfort of their homes. Similarly, students were excited to not have to wake up in the morning, change their clothes, and take a trip to school. The rest of the country was happy because no studen...[Read More]

Thailand – The Land of Smiles

There’s always something to do… Lately the weather hasn’t been great in Bangkok. The pollution has taken its toll on the quality of life in a busy city. Outdoor activities may have become less appealing to many. However, life goes on, festivals and open food markets are still alive and well. Bangkok has not slowed down. Taking a stroll on a random Sunday afternoon, you can still ...[Read More]

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