Chiang Rai Thailand – Keep it on the down low

Unspoiled Nature Away from busy Bangkok and the tourist filled beaches. Surrounded by farmland and mountains, Chiang Rai is slowly attracting more foreigners to visit and live in the northern Thai province.

Thailand’s Rainy Season – a Synchronous Chaos

A peculiar thing every time it rains in Thailand. The stress and general atmosphere of anxiety starts rising in the city as soon as it starts pouring. Even more noticeable, people start driving differently, more aggressive, motorcycles more determined to zigzag their way out of the rain. You might say this is normal, however, having lived in a few rainy cities, I haven’t noticed the same reaction ...[Read More]

Covid-19 and TEFL in Thailand

Situation in Thailand As of March 2020, Thailand has been relatively quite about the corona virus outbreak. There have been a few cases and stories that have caught the headlines. The situation is not comparable to China, South Korea, or Japan. The Thai public have so far been calm although there is a feeling of unease in public. The overwhelming majority of schools are still open, however, a few ...[Read More]

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