Why Study for a TEFL Certificate with Premier TEFL

Once upon a time, there were few TEFL providers to choose from, the decision was easy. Nowadays, there are a lot more TEFL providers offering what seems to be the same thing, TEFL certificates. You might be thinking that you “I need to invest time into researching what each TEFL provider offers”, but no, you can relax. Because, we’re going to tell you exactly why you should study with Premier TEFL, the only online level 5 TEFL certificate provider with fully-organized teaching practicum.

Why Study with Premier TEFL

Fully-organized teaching practicum is fast becoming an essential addition to your TEFL resumé (we’ll get into why later), but it’s not the only reason to study with Premier TEFL. In fact, there are many reasons:

  • 95% of Learners Recommend Us
  • Personal Student Supports 
  • 99% Learner Pass Rate
  • TEFL Jobs Service
  • Accredited TEFL Provider 
  • Affordable TEFL Courses

Let’s break down each one so you can clearly see why choosing to study with Premier TEFL for your TEFL certificate is the best choice you can make for your future.

95% of Learners Recommend Us 

One of the biggest reasons to study for a TEFL certificate with Premier TEFL is for our 4.7 stars out of 5 review score from verified learners. Everyday we get reviews detailing of the excellent experience our learners receive (does the name Sandra sound familiar to anyone?) We go above and beyond to make sure you choose the right TEFL course and have the best learning experience possible. Don’t just take our word for it, take theirs:

Verified Learner Reviews:

“I am very, very happy with the whole experience I’ve had with Premier TEFL. I have received a great assistance from all staff (Sarah, Laura). When I ended the course, Sandra Lane (Operations Manager) helped me a lot. She is so kind and cooperative. Thanks Ladies…Thanks Sandra!”

“Sandra Lane and the customer service team have been really helpful by offering prompt customer service and understand the needs of the students very well. The team always offer options available to the student that goes beyond what is expected and in my opinion is better than other providers.”

           -Mark Marsden (Premier TEFL offers the best customer service)

“I have completed the Premier TEFL 168 hour TEFL course. It is a fantastically structured course with many helpful links and materials for teaching. Not only that, but Sandra Lane from Premier TEFL has consistently kept me updated on job opportunities and relevant seminars. She was very patient with my questions. I am very grateful to Sandra and the Premier TEFL team. Highly recommend.”

-Danielle Seebacher ( A TEFL provider that cares)

“The staff at premier are absolutely fantastic. I had the pleasure of working with miss Sandra Lane and my assessor Laura Graham. Sandra always made sure to answer my questions and even some concerns I was having regarding the exam. She was my support system from beginning to end. Laura gave me very detailed feedback on my assessment and clarified anything I needed further understanding on. Both were extremely timely in their responses and their positive attitudes made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process. I thank them very much for making this experience an incredibly enjoyable one for me.”

         -JazzOf AllTrades (personal tutor support)

“Megan was amazing to talk to and gave me lots of confidence about this program and the success I can have with it. I had a lot of questions going into the phone call and she was able to answer every question in amazing detail and made me feel like she and Premier genuinely cares about those of us who sign up for their course. I’m excited to be a part of the Premier team and to hopefully be another success story. Big thanks to Megan for helping me choose this program!

         -Connor (Premier TEFL course recommendation)

“I have so much confidence, in Premier TEFL to get me where I want to go. Not only, did this program introduce me to my dream job, but they encouraged me to pursue it. Assuring me every step of the way, they would be there to help with any questions I had. I’ve never been so excited for something in my life.”

         -Sydney Graham (Premier TEFL Jobs Service)

Premier TEFL certificate reviews

We Work Hard For You

Every single person on the Premier TEFL team works hard to ensure you have the best experience on your TEFL journey. From expert recommendations for which TEFL course you should study to the TEFL job hunt when you graduate. We want to make sure you love your decision to study with Premier TEFL.

P.S If for some reason you change you change your mind about the course (we get it, life happens), we have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Personal Student Supports

The support doesn’t stop when you enroll in your TEFL course. In fact, it is only the beginning. We are renowned for our student support services throughout the duration of your course (and afterward too with our free TEFL jobs advice service). Besides being contactable at the click of a mouse, we offer three different ways to get personal tutor support:

1. Dedicated TEFL tutor support

We’re with you every step of the way while you study with Premier TEFL. We offer a dedicated tutor support email service that puts you in direct contact with your personal tutor. No question is too big or too small for them. 

2. Weekly Live Support Sessions

Would you prefer to speak with someone instead of emailing them? We’ve got you covered. Each week we host live support sessions with one of our qualified instructors or assessors. These 60-minute drop-in sessions are super casual. Camera on or camera off, your decision. You can bring whatever questions you have and our brilliant tutor will answer them for you. Who knows, other people in student support sessions might have the same question as you. These sessions are completely free to attend. Just register before hand to let us know you’re coming.

2. Exclusive Online Support Group

Along with dedicated email support and live student drop-in sessions, when you study with Premier TEFL for your TEFL certificate, you get access to an exclusive online support group where you will meet with other students, Premier TEFL alumni, and (you’ve guessed it), more Premier TEFL instructors.  Our qualified teacher trainers are always on hand to answer any questions you have, share resources and advice. What’s even better? Your fellow students are just as eager to help you so you become part of a close-knit yet global TEFL community of over 52,000 teachers.

When you enroll in your TEFL course, you’ll be sent an email detailing all of the supports available to you and where to find them. Make sure you save that email for when you need it. You will also have links to these supports in your Learner Dashboard.

TEFL certificate student support
Join other learners in an exclusive TEFL support group

A High Learner Pass Rate When You Study with Premier TEFL

We certify thousands of TEFL teachers each year with a whopping learner pass rate of 99%! The majority of our Level 5 learners pass on their first re-attempt after receiving detailed feedback on areas to improve from our academic tutors.

Does it cost to re-submit my Level 5 TEFL coursework?

When you study a Level 5 TEFL qualification with Premier TEFL, you get more than one attempt to pass your course work, and that first re-attempt is free provided you follow the rules such as no plagiarism, etc (these are detailed within your course). Some TEFL providers may charge you for that first reattempt, but not us. If you need to submit a 2nd or 3rd reattempt, there is a small fee for resubmission. Other providers may fail you and not allow you to resubmit your material. With these in mind, a small fee to resubmit instead of failing the course is a small price to pay.

Choosing to study with Premier TEFL means choosing to study with someone who cares and wants to get you TEFL certified.

Most learners pass after the first re-attempt (free) after some detailed feedback from our tutors. It is very (very) rare somebody will fail the 3rd reattempt. If you need help with any part of your course at any point in your journey, remember to check out the supports above.

TEFL Job Service

When you sign up with a TEFL provider, you want the whole package right? The TEFL course, the ongoing support, certified teaching practice, and the job advice? Then choose to study for your TEFL certificate with Premier TEFL. At first glance, you can see our dedicated jobs page with an ever-changing jobs feed to show the freshest and best TEFL jobs around. As you have learned by now, we want to do everything we can to support you so check out our supported TEFL jobs with trusted partners. We also have our own TEFL jobs website with 1000s of job vacancies from all over the globe for teaching both online and abroad.

Our job service for graduates also includes matching your application profile to partners who are currently hiring. Even when you finish your TEFL course, we’re working hard to support you as you begin your TEFL career.

TEFL Internships

What better way to put your money where your mouth is than with a fully-organized internship. Perfect for those keen to get semester-long experience before landing a 6 – 12 month professional TEFL job contract. Our most popular internships are South Korea, Thailand, and Argentina. Why not consider teaching English abroad and soak up a new culture and language while you’re there.

Interview Preparation is Key

How many of us have failed to prepare for an interview and surprise surprise, we didn’t get the job? I know I did! That’s why interview prep is key to landing your dream TEFL job. To help you on your path to TEFL success we’ve prepared a free resource to help you: demo video masterclass to learn tips for how to prepare the best mini demo lesson. That’s only one piece of the puzzle.

Job Interview Coaching Sessions

Mastering the demo video is all well and good but you need to get to conquer the job interview first. Job interviews can be scary places but they don’t have to be. If you want to join a TEFL recruitment expert to learn how to ace that interview for an online English teaching position, enroll for a Job Interview Coaching Session

These sessions are perfect for if you:

  • have just completed your TEFL course and are starting to look for a TEFL job
  • are currently doing your TEFL course and are planning ahead
  • want some CV/resume tips and tricks
  • need some guidance and advice when interviewing
  • want to learn what NOT to do in job interviews and critical mistakes to avoid

You’re going to leave these sessions feeling confident, prepared, and ready to ace that job interview.

For some bonus research, pick up a copy of our Job Hunter’s Guide and free Job Comparison Chart, and get a real insight into TEFL job hunting.

Job interview coaching
Get job interview coaching from an expert

Choose to Study with Premier TEFL for an Accredited TEFL Certificate Provider 

Did you know our certificates are recognized all over the world? Just ask Welsh native Will who taught in Vietnam, Canadian Ralph who is freelance teaching in Spain, Melissa, a South African who taught in Thailand, or Argentinian Denise who teaches where ever she wants (now in Bosnia and Herzegovina). We offer Ofqual regulated (English Government) Level 5 CELTA-equivalent TEFL qualifications and we’re an accredited TEFL provider with organizations like TQUK, ODLQC, and ACDL.

Affordable TEFL Courses

Because we’re accredited, you know our courses are of the highest quality. Choosing to study with Premier TEFL is choosing to study with an accredited top-quality TEFL provider, but you ask… “Can I afford the best?” The answer is yes.

We don’t overcharge. Plain and simple.. You won’t find bloated prices here, just quality courses with a lot of valuable personal elements included. When looking to become TEFL certified, you need to consider what kind of qualification you want and you’ll have two key points to consider:

Firstly do you want:

  • A fast-track TEFL certification or
  • A government-regulated level 5 TEFL qualification

While you’re thinking, consider if you want this to be an:

  • An online TEFL course or 
  • A hybrid TEFL course (teaching practicum included)

All of our TEFL courses are entirely self-paced and completed online, however, if you want some extra virtual instructor-led training or teaching experience with real ESL students, we’ve got that too. The number you see in the course package titles reflects the amount of hours tuition included in that TEFL course. It’s broken down into the number of hours on your core TEFL certificate and the number of hours included in the add-on elements of that course package.

Online TEFL Courses

Online TEFL courses are exactly what you think they are. Every aspect of the course is completed online by you, the learner. Of course, you can get assistance from our dedicated student supports but there is no instructor-led tuition included. This category of courses comprises of:

The first difference between the 120 and 168 hours TEFL course is the 120 hour course is an accredited fast-track TEFL certification, while the 168 hours is a government-regulated qualification. If you’re looking to get TEFL certified quickly, we recommend choosing the 120 Hour Advanced TEFL Course. However, if you have more time to give to earning a higher qualification, we suggest the 168 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Course. Be aware the minimum amount of hours needed for TEFL jobs is 120 hours. This is the basic international standard. If you want to stand out in a competitive job market, aim for a TEFL certification with more hours.

The 230 Hour Ofqual Regulated Level 5 TEFL Course contains the government-regulated 168 hour level 5 TEFL qualification AND two 30 hour short courses in high-demand specialisms. You should also note any course package containing the 168 hour government-regulated course requires some external research as part of your coursework.

*If you’re looking to earn a higher wage, specialize or go freelance, completing a short specialism course is what you need to achieve that goal.

Hybrid TEFL Courses

Otherwise knows as blended TEFL courses or blended learning. If you want that extra element of human interaction, then these are the courses you should be considering to experience instructor-led tuition. The courses with hybrid elements are:

Unsure of which TEFL course to study? Use our TEFL course match tool. Answer just three questions and get your recommended TEFL courses that match your TEFL career, goals, and experience. Still unsure? Schedule a free callback with TEFL and travel experts.

Virtual Teacher Training 

The virtual teacher training listed in the above three courses involves attending 10 hours of TEFL training with a qualified instructor over two days. Groups for these sessions are kept small to allow for individual feedback and maximum learning. It’s aimed at those who want to perfect lesson planning and delivery with guidance from an experienced trainer. You’ll also meet people just like you on the same journey. 

Over the course of the two days, you’ll be putting your TEFL theory into practice, mastering the PPP (presentation, practice & production) approach, learning how to develop and deliver an ESL lesson, and more. You’ll become the teacher on day two and deliver your lesson plan to your peers. The virtual teacher training course can be purchased via the hybrid courses above or you can buy it as an add-on down the line.

virtual teacher training

310 Hour Level 5 Hybrid TEFL Course with Observed Practicum

This is the bee’s knees when it comes to TEFL training and we need to talk about it. It contains everything that you need to be a successful TEFL teacher including:

  • 168 hours Ofqual regulated level 5 TEFL qualification
  • 10 hours of Virtual Teacher Training
  • 40 hours of Observed Teaching Practice with real ESL students
  • 30 hours of Teaching English Online TEFL-Pro Course
  • 30 hours of Teaching Business English TEFL-Pro Course
  • 30 hours of Teaching Young Learners TEFL-Pro Course
  • 10 pack of Lesson Plans for Young Learners
  • 46-page Lesson Planning eBook
  • 72-page Ultimate Grammar eBook

This 310 hour course is the gold standard in TEFL training and is the first online Level 5 TEFL course to offer fully-organized observed teaching practice with real ESL students. 

What is Fully-Organized Teaching Practicum?

Remember when we mentioned being the only online TEFL provider of organized teaching practicum? It’s something we’re very proud of because it’s been developed with YOU in mind. As the TEFL industry becomes more competitive, employers are seeking certified experience from even entry-level jobs. Since we work hand in hand with employers all over the world, we knew that we needed to provide a simple way for our graduates to complete a practicum so that your job hunt will be painless and stress-free. 

Premier TEFL offers two variations on this organized teaching practicum: 40 hours and 35 hours. Let’s talk about what observed teaching practicum is, the differences between the two variations, and why you need it.

40 hours Observed Teaching Practicum When You Study with Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL is the only place you’re going to find a 40 hour teaching practicum including 6 hours of teaching observation with real ESL students. This observed teaching experience is divided into two parts and is completed at the end of your TEFL Course, once you have mastered the theory of teaching English through language submersion. 

Learn From the Experts

Firstly, you will watch four live lessons with teachers of different teaching styles. This is to build your exposure to the various teaching styles available. Once these lessons are complete, it’s then your time to shine and show them what you’re made of!

Put Those Ideas into Action

After all that time studying the theory of TEFL, it’s time to put that learning into action. For around four hours per week over two months, you will teach real students who want to learn English as a Foreign Language. For six of these lessons, you will work with a qualified instructor who provides feedback to help you hone those awesome teaching skills.

The 40 hour observed teaching practicum is only available in the 310 Hour Hybrid Master TEFL Course with Observed Teaching Practice.

35 hours Certificate of Teaching Practice Recognition (CTPR)

If you’re already TEFL certified then listen up. This is the only place you’re going to find certified teaching practice to add to your resume and trust us, you want it. Once TEFL certified, many TEFL job seekers find they need teaching experience to gain a competitive edge in the TEFL teacher marketplace. That’s where we come in. We want to help you land your dream TEFL job (we also offer free job advice to our students).

Any budding or established TEFL teacher can enroll in this course. It works much the same as the 40 hour Observed Teaching Practicum course. You attend four live lessons with teachers with different teaching styles and teach real students from a pre-organized pool of learners. With this particular course, you’ll receive continued support from our partner school instead of an assigned instructor who observes your lessons and gives one-to-one feedback. This pre-organized hassle-free teaching practicum is one of the many reasons why you should study with Premier TEFL for your TEFL certificate.

You can study your course via our unique study app meaning you can continue to learn when you’re on the move. In the queue for a coffee, in line for groceries, or even waiting for the bus, take your TEFL course with you. Don’t forget we’re always on hand to help you whether you are just getting started and need help choosing the right TEFL course, you’re in the middle of it, or need assistance to find a TEFL job. Choose one of our dedicated tutor supports, give us a call or find us on LiveChat on the website.

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