Meet Abe – Living The Dream As An English Teacher Online 💻

Abe might not be your typical TEFL success story, but his story is still 100% worth hearing. After getting his 120 hour TEFL certification, Abe dreamed of teaching in China—but life had a different (more diaper-filled and joyous) path carved out for him.

Now the father of a young baby, he’s loving teaching English online to Chinese and Indonesian students amidst transferring to Brigham Young University. Learn more about his life in Maryland and his experience teaching English online!

A selfie of Abe.

Tell us about growing up in the state of Maryland and how it nurtured your adventurous spirit.

I loved growing up in Maryland! There was lots of forest area where I lived that I would play in and explore by myself with my friends. Being around lots of American Civil War sites also helped grow my love of history.

What TEFL courses have you completed? Did you feel like each uniquely prepared you to be the best ESL teacher you can be?

I’ve completed the 120 hour TEFL certificate course. I feel like I learned more in this 120 hour course than I’ve learned in all of my higher education.

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What made you choose Premier TEFL to administer all of your courses?

I reviewed a lot of different companies and courses and it seemed like Premier TEFL was the best quality (which turned out to be true!) for a very affordable price. Being a young college student with a young family, I don’t have a lot of money and Premier TEFL allowed me to have quality courses that I could actually afford.

Abe's review on

Besides the course quality and pricing, I’ve experienced the best customer service at Premier TEFL that I have anywhere.

You’re currently an online English teacher. Do you dream of teaching abroad in a classroom? If so, where? If not, tell us why.

I used to be interested in teaching abroad somewhere in China, but after having a baby, I’m just interested in continuing online. It’s easier and more feasible. I’d definitely still be open to teaching abroad if the right situation presented itself.

What were the three most helpful takeaways from your TEFL training?

  1. Always have hope for the development of your students.
  2. Always have a plan!
  3. But don’t be afraid to change the lesson plan according to students’ need.

What piece of advice would you share with other aspiring online ESL teachers?

GET A 120-HOUR TEFL CERTIFICATE! Also, take care of your body. Many of your working hours will be outside normal waking hours. Eat and sleep well or you’ll burn out quickly.

If you feel inspired to teach English online after reading Abe’s story, check out our comprehensive online teaching guide.

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