Not Finished Safe Summers with Angloville – Teaching English in Europe!

Angloville is back for the summer, and this time it is bigger, better and safer than ever. Being a mentor on an Angloville programme is one of the best ways to spend time getting some incredible teaching practice this summer. Hundreds of kids from all over Europe are flocking to Angloville camps to immerse themselves in the English language, and this is where you come in. You probably have lots of questions, so we’re here to help you understand how Angloville are making summer safe for you and participants.

What Is Different about Angloville This Summer?

This summer’s Angloville season is looking slightly different than before, but the objective remains the same; – to provide an immersive experience for participants and their mentors. Programs are being held with appropriate security measures and the recommended precautions have already been implemented. Poland’s handling of the epidemic situation has also made sure that the summer holidays will happen for hundreds more Polish children. Here’s what’s different about this year, and how Angloville are providing a safe summer for all.

  • Recreational activities have been organized with sanitary measures in place, and only in locations that meet safety requirements.
  • Visitor numbers from the outside have been limited, as well as the number of people accommodated in one room.
  • Hotels and recreation areas have been subjected to additional cleaning and disinfection, such as door handles, handrails, and other touch surfaces.
  • Angloville has also provided personal hygiene supplies to participants and mentors, such as hand sanitizer and face masks.
  • During meal times and group activities, social distancing is practised, and meal areas are subject to additional cleaning.
  • There are also additional staff to help manage smaller groups of participants. This is to ensure that staff are able to adhere to social distancing guidelines.

Despite the Angloville camps being a little different than what they are used to,

A rewarding and inclusive experience

Being a mentor at Angloville is one of the most rewarding experiences of teaching English. Not only are you helping children enhance their English skills, you helping them to become more confident, open and happy. But it’s not only the participants who find this rewarding. As a mentor, you are able to see the development of your mentees over the course of the week, and this is one of the most amazing experiences. Being inclusive and allowing the participants to express themselves os

A respectful learning environment for everyone

An opportunity to build confidence

A chance to socialize, boost morale and promote mental health

An opportunity to build resilience, creativity, adaptability and innovation

A chance to inspire young participants

And the most important thing – having FUN!


💡 Are you thinking about getting involved with the Angloville? Do you have more questions you would like to ask after reading this blog? Please let us know in the comments box below 🙂

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