Our Level 3 courses are now UCAS approved!

We’re super excited to announce that our Level 3 TEFL Courses are now UCAS approved – wahoo!

What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. In the UK UCAS are the centralised service that students use to apply to university. Basically, if you’re applying for university in the UK, you’ll apply through UCAS. UCAS work on a points basis and you’ll need a certain amount of points to apply for university. The points you need vary depending on what you want to study and where you want to study. When you complete your college or A-Level studies, each of your courses will be worth a certain amount of points, you then use these points to get into university. You can use the UCAS tariff calculator to find out how many UCAS points you’ll need for university

What does this mean?

This means that you can now gain UCAS points to go towards your university application from our Level 3 TEFL course – winner! Each section of your course will be worth 8 points, so if you were to opt for our Level 3 300 hour online course or Level 3 320 hour combined course you could get 48 UCAS points to add onto the points you’ll already have from your college course or A-Levels.



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