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Australian born Anastasia has been traveling the world for the last two years. Having saved up since the age of thirteen, she packed her bags and boarded a one-way ticket to Europe at just seventeen. She’s visited 26 countries across Europe and now teaches English online in London. Time to find out more about her journey into TEFL and adventures as a digital nomad!

Tell us about your experience of leaving Australia to travel the world and work remotely. Where have you been and what have you done?

Traveling has always been a dream for me. I grew up in Australia, always lived in the same house and knew I needed to experience the world. When I graduated from high school, I bought a one-way ticket to London Heathrow, and now, I’ve been traveling the world solo for two years. I have visited over 26 countries in Europe and have loved every moment. I have met the most incredible people and I am very grateful for the life I live. Whilst traveling, I have volunteered my skills in teaching in many European countries. I never regret volunteer work, as you meet the most kind-hearted, genuine and relatable people.

Anastasia on her European travels

Recently you participated in Angloville. What made you want to do the Angloville program and what did you get out of it?

During my travels, I have realized that before I begin university, I want to get as much out of life as possible. Having already completed my 120 Hour TEFL course, I decided I wanted to start teaching. This is when I got involved with the Angloville program. Angloville makes it incredibly easy to sign up and stay in contact, and has an amazing method of teaching. The skills I learnt from the in-person teaching completely transformed my teaching methods. Having previously learnt other languages through the standardized methods, I found that the conversational methods were more beneficial for me. This allowed me to incorporate this into my online teaching too!

Tell us more about the in-person teaching with Angloville.

I absolutely loved the aspect of in-person teaching with the participants at Angloville. Not only did I understand the way human minds function, I also learnt that there are so many methods of teaching that we can embrace. Being able to play games with children whilst asking them questions takes all of the pressure and anxiety out of learning. I feel that people learn best when they are in a calm and safe environment, and this is exactly what Angloville provides.

Tell us more about what you are doing at the moment.

At the moment I am teaching English online in London. I had to change my travel plans and I’m currently living with my partner in his home. I did think that I would be traveling across Europe, but with the world quickly changing I have started teaching English online. It is something I am relatively new to, but I have started to get a good grasp of it all.

Anastasia teaching English online from her home

Now you have started to teach English online. How has your experience of this been?

For me, I feel that online teaching can be a bit of a shock at first, especially when you are new to the transition from in-person teaching. I have loved being able to teach English online in London because I haven’t been able to get out much. It has allowed me to continue pursuing what I love without even having to leave the house. I love traveling and learning about other cultures especially. Now, I am still able to do this through a screen.

The positive aspects of online English teaching are overwhelming but of course there are some drawbacks. Internet connection is a key element of teaching online, and even if your connection is stable, that doesn’t mean your learner will be the same. It can also be challenging sometimes to keep young children engaged when in lessons. However, all of my students are very dedicated, and range in age from 6 years old to 45 years old. Teaching English online certainly takes adjusting. But helping others achieve their goals motivates me and seeing their progress makes it very worthwhile.

Has your TEFL certification come in useful throughout your travels and now that you are teaching English online?

My 120 Hour TEFL certification has been an absolute blessing. I have not had many qualifications up to now as I am only 19 years old and plan to go to university next year. Having a TEFL certification means that I am able to travel the world and still have an income. Even now that restrictions are in place, I can still work from home meaning I won’t be at risk of losing my income. I was able to complete my TEFL course last year, so being able to get started teaching online was easy. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have a qualification that allows me to work anywhere at any time.

What is your favorite part about teaching English to others?

My favorite thing about teaching English is the interaction and being able to stimulate my mind. Every learner and their needs are different, which means I can cater for them specifically. It allows me to track their progress and get the most out of lessons. Not only is it a challenge for me, but it is something that actively makes a difference. The learners who I have been teaching have also seen their own improvement, and being a part of someone else’s growth is such a beautiful thing.

Do you think teaching English online has become more popular for people who want to freelance?

Teaching English online is almost an entry into a whole new world. English is the universal language of the world and English teachers are much needed. Any native speaker with a passion for the English language is able to teach online. All you really need to be able to freelance is a computer with a stable WiFi connection and the right knowledge. Being a freelance English teacher has not only allowed me to pursue my travel dreams, but it has given me the life I never knew I could have.

Which online TEFL employer is a match for you?

What are your plans for the future?

Hopefully, over the next few months I will be able to establish myself as an online English teacher. I hope that when I start to travel again, I will be able to work remotely, whatever country I am in. Being able to have the freedom of being your own boss and traveling at the same time is something I want to work hard towards.

Anastasia relaxing at a lake

Thank you Anastasia, for taking the time to share with Premier TEFL your experience with Angloville and teaching English online from home. We wish you the best with all your future teaching and travels. 

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