Latest TEFL jobs report! (Autumn 2020)

Here at i-to-i, we love providing a helping hand for your TEFL adventures. To give your TEFL jobs search a super-boost, we’ve crunched the numbers on more than 10,000 advertised TEFL posts to provide you with our hot-off-the-press overview of the TEFL jobs market today.

Whether you’re seeking a fabulous TEFL opportunity abroad when the world re-opens or hunting for your first online English teaching position right now, find out who’s recruiting, the qualifications employers are asking for, and where you’ll find the top-paying TEFL jobs in our TEFL jobs market report here.

World TEFL Guide

What’s covered:

» Where are the TEFL jobs?

» Which countries are looking for TEFL teachers?

» Who is recruiting for TEFL teachers?

» What qualifications are TEFL employers looking for?

» Are there TEFL jobs for new teachers?

» How much can you earn as a TEFL teacher?

» TEFL jobs country breakdown

Read the full report here.


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