Interview with Ezinne Chikwendu – Online English Teacher from Nigeria

Ezinne Chikwendu is from Nigeria; while studying Accountancy at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, she is an online English teacher through Learnlight. When not mastering English and helping others do the same, she can be found dancing. A lot. Read on to learn more about Ezinne’s unique path towards the fabulous TEFL life!

What drew you to teaching English abroad?

It gives me the opportunity to meet new people from all over world. I also love the joy that teaching brings. It is such a satisfying feeling knowing that I am helping my students get better at speaking English.

What three things make teaching abroad particularly awesome for future TEFL teachers?

Meeting new people, learning new cultures and hearing other people’s stories.

What are your go-to lesson plans or activities for your online English lessons?

I love using flashcards to elicit their target language from students. It is such an effective way of getting students to relax and express themselves.

Working on Computer

Tell us about your TEFL course experience, plus the most helpful thing that you learned during it?

I really enjoyed the course. It was comprehensive and I found the lessons practical and easy to relate to. I have been teaching online classes for almost three years now and I found some very helpful tips that I have been able to apply in my classes.

One of the most helpful has been understanding how learners are placed using the CEFR. Prior to this, I didn’t understand how students’ levels were determined, but now I have a much better knowledge and it has really helped guide my communication with my students.

What advice would you give other Nigerians considering teaching English abroad?

Go for it! The opportunities out there are mind-blowing and it is such a great way of travelling the world without actually travelling,

Thank you, Ezinne! Want to teach English online too? Find out more HERE!

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