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The Past Two Years

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Travels for the past two years were very limited, which has been devastating for the TEFL and travel community. Many of us had to resort to solely teaching online, which limited the true experience of teaching. Working from home was a challenge, but now that restrictions are beginning to ease, we are excited to get back out exploring and meeting new people once again.

Many plans were put on pause, as well as businesses shutting down. Many businesses and employees had to migrate to working online as a result of Covid-19. Depending on where you are living, people are slowly starting to return to ‘normality’. Although some may be thrilled to revisit working in-person, a small few have realized how much they dislike it. Thus, many people are opting to remain working from home or quitting their job altogether.

Travel on the Brain

Missing out on normal life for so long has acted as a wake up call to so many people, and it serves as a reminder to not take the small things for granted. To go from living life to the fullest to suddenly not having the freedom to leave your country and barely leave your own home was tough. This has served as a match to rekindle the passion and urge to travel and achieve ones dreams all across the world.

Now, a large portion of the population have realized the importance of traveling. There are countless benefits to traveling; meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and learning new languages. Thankfully, the threat of Covid-19 is becoming less prevalent in the world today and we can finally begin to rediscover our passion for traveling. 

We are delighted to share some travel news from some of our internship countries with you:

Travel to Thailand

Temples in Thailand

From the bustling cities like Bangkok to the idyllic beauty of the natural landscape at Khao Sok, who wouldn’t want to explore Thailand? Luckily, you will have more time to venture around the national parks and beaches because Thailand has reduced the quarantine period for vaccinated travelers. Before departing, you will need to receive a negative PCR test no more than 72 hours before you arrive.

Vaccinated travelers will no longer need to quarantine for 14 days, but merely a single day in a hotel while awaiting the results of their PCR test on arrival. When you test negative on your first day, you are free to travel – incredible! Once you are out munching on some delicious Pad Thai, you will need to complete an Antigen test on your 5th day and upload your results to the Mor Chana app. Travelers can call 1155 or 1672 for any help.


Explore Vietnam

Flights are returning to pre-pandemic schedules. However, travelers should be fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test to enter the transient land of Vietnam. Upon arrival, vaccinated persons will need to quarantine for 3 days, with PCR tests on days 1 and 3. For unvaccinated travelers, you will need to quarantine for 7 days with PCR tests on days 1 and 7 respectively. Once the quarantine is completed and your tests are negative, you are free to discover all Vietnam’s marvels.

Check out South Korea

TEFL certified in South KoreaVaccinated individuals can apply for a ‘quarantine exemption’ to avoid quarantining on arrival, with freedom to move within the country once testing negative on a PCR test. As it stands, individuals can also choose the option to complete a 7 day quarantine. However,  you might be eager to explore the countless temples, botanical gardens and high street city shops. In that case, the PCR test on arrival seems to be an ideal option.

Travel around Poland

The breath-taking sights and cities of Poland have become that bit easier to visit with the easing of their regulations. Vaccinated and Covid-recovered individuals can avoid quarantining in Poland with a negative PCR test. This means you can spend all of your time focusing on learning more about the history and the culture. You will be free to roam the cobbled streets, chomping on some scrumptious Perogies while preparing some lessons for your students.

Explore Germany

Germany currently has different restrictions depending on the country of origin of the traveler. Learn more. As well as this, Germany may have local restrictions in place depending on where you plan to stay. No matter where you stay, you will surely find time to enjoy some Currywurst and perhaps some Gluhwein, depending on the time of year you travel at.

Adventure in Romania

Stuart with a castle in RomaniaThere are many options available for travelers who wish to target Romania in 2022. Entry is granted to fully vaccinated individuals and people who have recovered from Covid-19 in the past 180 days. Also, anyone who receives a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to their entry may enter. However, they must self-quarantine for 5 days.

According to the Romania Tourism website, we expect the end of most restrictions by the end of February 2022. Our Premier TEFL internships in Romania run in the summer time, so hopefully all restrictions will be lifted by then so that all travelers can experience the excitement and thrill of Romania. 

Teach in Colombia

Colombia has recently reopened all borders, however only vaccinated individuals can enter the country. Recovery from Covid-19 in the past 6 months is accepted for travelers to enter Colombia. Unfortunately, Colombia is considered a high-risk country and thus, unvaccinated individuals cannot enter the country under Government guidelines. Hopefully, the country will recover soon so that more individuals can experience the beauty of its landscape, its enthusiastic populations and its delicious dishes.

Travel to Argentina

Fully vaccinated travelers can currently escape quarantine in Argentina. They will need a negative PCR test (72hrs previous) or a negative Antigen test (48hrs previous). Similar to Colombia, unvaccinated individuals cannot enter the country. We are hopeful that in the near future, restrictions will ease and allow everyone to access this fascinating country. Who would want to miss out on the stunning beaches, intricate architecture and the mouth-watering food that Argentina has to offer?

Discover Taiwan

Beginning March 7th, Taiwan will grant access to the country to non-resident business travelers. This means TEFL teachers can travel here again. Non-residents should apply for am R.O.C permit to be granted access to the country to fulfill their purpose i.e. employment.


The CECC has noted that all non-residents should comply with local and government epidemic prevention measures and abide by regulations. To enter, travelers will need a negative Covid-19 test taken no more than 48 hours of traveling. Travelers may also be subject to a PCR test upon arrival as well as a hotel quarantine for 14 days. After those 14 days, you will be free to travel and explore the many wonders Taiwan has to offer. Whether it’s bathing in the Beitou thermal baths, hopping from temple to temple or visiting the infamous Leafoo Village Theme Park, Taiwan is a superb destination which is waiting for you to explore

Start Your TEFL Journey Now!

With such variety to choose from, which of these countries would you choose to visit? We offer internship programs or jobs in all of the countries listed above and more – you can check them out HERE. If you think that teaching English in one of these countries could be in your future, get started now at Premier TEFL and find out which course is suited best to your needs.

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