Four Places Where You Can Teach English Without a Degree

Looking to teach English abroad (or online) but don’t have a degree? Don’t panic!

Even though a growing number of countries want a uni degree in order to qualify for a working visa, there are still a few amazing destinations where you can find a TEFL job without a degree.

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1) Online!

Teaching English online is one of the fastest growing areas of TEFL and it’s an amazing opportunity to earn a good wage from anywhere in the world! Absolutely anyone can teach English online, you don’t need a passport for a certain country or a degree, just a TEFL certificate, a laptop, webcam and internet connection – easy!

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How much can you earn teaching English online?

Online salaries vary quite a lot depending on if you’re freelance, an agency worker, how big your classes are and the type of English you’re teaching. You can earn anywhere from £10 – £35+ per lesson (generally lessons are around 60 minutes long), this means you could earn in excess of £5,600 a month – wow!

Top places to teach English online without a degree

Agencies that don’t require a degree include: Cambly, PalFish and iTalki

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2) Cambodia

Cambodia is a very popular destination for TEFL teachers as it is one of the easiest places in Asia for non-degree holders to find a TEFL job. Cambodia is a beautiful country, with many TEFL teachers choosing to spend their free time exploring the beautiful temples (Angkor Wat is a must-see!), relaxing on sandy-white beaches or enjoying the hustle and bustle of the capital city, Phnom Penh.

How much can you earn teaching English in Cambodia?

Until fairly recently, most TEFL jobs in Cambodia were voluntary, making it the perfect destination for gap years and internships. However, in recent years there has been a significant growth in paid teaching positions. Salaries for TEFL teachers tend to vary between $500-$2,000/month. With the cost of living in Cambodia being fairly low, you will have extra budget leftover at the end of the month to explore and travel.

TEFL in your 50s in Cambodia

Top places to teach English without a degree in Cambodia

Phnom Penh – Phnom Penh is Cambodia’s capital and the country’s largest city in terms of population, meaning that there are loads of TEFL jobs. English is widely spoken in Phnom Penh, so it will make the transition of moving countries easier for those who do not speak the local language.

Siem Reap – Situated further north, Seam Reap is also a very popular destination for TEFL teachers. Siem Reap is the perfect base if you are looking to spend some time exploring the fabulous Angkor Wat.

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3) Europe

If you’re a UK or Irish citizen you can work anywhere within the European Union without a degree, all you need is a TEFL qualification. English is the language of tourism so many of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations such as France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

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How much can you earn teaching English in Europe?

That depends on which country or city you’re working in, how much experience you have and what level of TEFL certification you’ve achieved. Due to the high levels of competition in Spain and France, you may struggle to get better TEFL jobs without a degree, but you should still be able to find entry-level and summer camp positions. If you’re willing to go a little further afield to places like Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland, you should be able to get better positions. Plus, the lower cost of living means that your wages will go much further – amazing!

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Top places to teach English without a degree in Europe

SpainDespite huge competition, Spain is regularly at the top of the list when people think of teaching English in Europe. Competition is fierce in places like Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona, but if you’re happy to work in less glamourous destinations there are plenty of TEFL jobs in Spain for people without degrees.

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RussiaRussia is fast becoming one of the world’s leading TEFL destinations, and the number of TEFL jobs has shot through the roof in recent years. The wages aren’t as high as you can expect in Spain or France, but the cost of living and the competition is much lower.

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4) South America

Teaching English in South America is a great way for people without university degrees to gain experience and improve their teaching CV. More experienced TEFLers can find work in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil, while TEFL newbies can find opportunities in less developed places like Peru, Ecuador and Chile.

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Take a look at TEFL jobs in South America

How much can you earn teaching English in South America?

Nobody goes to teach English in South America to earn loads of money. But despite the fact that the wages on offer are relatively low and many of the jobs are on a voluntary basis, you can live relatively well on the money you earn from teaching English in South America. For example, you can earn around $850 a month in Brazil, $500 in Argentina and as little as $400 a month in Ecuador. But there’s more to life than money, eh? You won’t regret moving to South America when you’re lying on a beach drinking from a fresh coconut!

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Top places to teach English without a degree in South America

Costa RicaThe Costa Rican government has resolved to encourage English language education and English is now taught in all primary schools. Most TEFL jobs in Costa Rica are to be found in the capital San Jose, the second city, Alajuela, and the tourist town of Manuel Antonio.

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EcuadorWhile Ecuador won’t ever rival Japan or South Korea as a top TEFL jobs destination, it is one of the most stable and accessible TEFL jobs markets in South America. There is ample opportunity to teach English in schools and universities in the main cities – and guess what? Most don’t require a degree!

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