National Careers Week 2020: What can a TEFL course do for your career?

As it’s National Careers Week, we thought it was only right to think about what a TEFL course can do for your career. A TEFL certificate can be a huge boost to your career, regardless of what field you want to go into long-term. “How?”, you ask. Well, carry on reading for a few examples…

Strengthen your communication skills

Every job will require you to have good communication skills, no matter what you do for work. Taking a TEFL course will help increase your knowledge and understanding of the English language, which will really boost your written communication skills. Just imagine writing an email or giving a presentation and making a grammar mistake – what a nightmare! Well, getting a TEFL certification will help you become more aware of English grammar, spelling, word choice and sentence structure. Plus, you’ll have had to learn how to communicate with a variety of different people all over the world as a TEFL teacher, which will not only look great on your CV but also help you later on in your career.

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Boost your CV

TEFL is a great way to bulk out your CV and showcase your skills! Not only will you have an additional qualification to add in (which always looks great), but you’ll also be able to include lots of different skills you’ve learned throughout your TEFL career. Think management, training, problem-solving, teamwork, planning, communication, confidence, flexibility… the list of skills you’ll gain from TEFL is endless!

Improve your planning skills

Teaching English requires lots of planning and this is an amazing skill to have in any career! As part of your TEFL training, when you’re learning about lesson planning, you’ll actually have to prepare and justify your lessons plans which is a great start to building your planning skills. But once you’re qualified and you’ve started teaching English, there’ll be so much more planning for you to do. You’ll need to plan and prepare for all of your lessons, including planning for different learners’ needs and requirements. Once you’ve got some teaching experience under your belt, you’ll be an expert in planning and anticipating problems. These experiences and skills can help you with any future project within your career!

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Become more organised

As a TEFL teacher, you’ll be completing multiple tasks at once and you’ll sometime have a list as long as your arm of things you still need to do. You’ll be responsible for marking, lesson planning and delivering lessons as well as giving additional support to students who need it and occasionally stepping in for other teachers when necessary. If TEFLing doesn’t make you super organised, nothing will! Organisation will help you in any career you decide to pursue after TEFL and will help you prioritise the most important tasks and manage your time more effectively.

Give you an entire new career

TEFL can also provide you with a brand-new career! Who’s to say you can’t TEFL for the rest of your life and make a career out of it?! In fact, we have lots of graduates who’re still TEFLing now and have been for years! There are always going to be students who need to learn English and as English in the international language for business, we can’t see the demand slowing down any time soon.



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