The differences between 168 hour level 5 and 120 hour

Picking the right TEFL course for you can feel trickier than solving a rubik’s cube (trust us, we’ve tried both). Should you get certified online or in-person? Abroad or at home? Now or later?

And then—which level is right for me?

In an effort to take the confusion of your course selection process, we’re here to break down the differences between two of our most popular courses: the 120 hour course and the 168 hour level 5 course. This comparison will make choosing the right TEFL course for you easier than ever!

Why Premier TEFL?

We don’t mean to toot our own horn, but we work really, really hard to make teaching abroad a reality for you! As fellow travelers turned teachers (and adventurers at heart), we know the good that can come from sharing your skills, teaching English, and traveling the world. That’s why we settle for nothing less than the best for our participants.

Premier TEFL courses, being internationally recognized, are the new gold standard in online training with Ofqual-regulated (UK government) level 5 TEFL courses (it’s an academic equivalent to CELTA & Trinity Cert TESOL!).

What type of TEFLer are you?

120 hr

  • Teaching in non native speaking countries / online / volunteer
  • Get trained on a budget
  • Popular for native & fluent speakers
  • Travel, teach and explore
  • Certified in as little as 6 weeks

168 hr

  • Teaching in some competitive native countries + non native speaking countries / online
  • Want to invest in training to get best paid jobs
  • Popular with native & near-native speakers
  • Set your sights on a new career
  • Certified in as little as 15 weeks

Pick the best study path to suit you

120 hr

  • 80% pass rate
  • Multiple choice assessments
  • Instant certification

168 hr

  • 100% pass rate
  • Multiple choice & open ended question assessments
  • Tutor-marked assessments

Introduction to the 120 Hour Course

The 120 hour TEFL course is affordable, internationally recognized, and the easiest pathway to getting you teaching abroad quick. The course can be completed in as little as six weeks, and provides a broad overview of the skills, tools, and pedagogies necessary to help you succeed as an ESL teacher abroad.

Participants can be fluent English speakers (rather than native) and don’t need to spend an arm-and-a-leg on training. The courses can be done online, on-site, or a blended course that includes both.

Introduction to the 168 Hour Level 5 Course

If you dream of not only teaching abroad, but potentially teaching in your home country (or another native English speaking destination), this course is for you. It’s the equivalent of a 101 or 102 level class at a university—and it shows. This class is hard work! Once you’ve breezed through the assignments and training, you’ll be set up for a prosperous TEFL career. A Level 5 course certification gives you access to both competitive job markets and top-notch job opportunities around the world.

If you want to get the most mileage out of your certificate—and you’re a native English speaker (or close to it)—this could be the right path for you.


Who can personally advise me on the right course for me?

How about us? We’ve already done a great job at giving you a high-level overview of the pros and cons of both options, but we’re happy to dive a little deeper with a one-on-one advising call. Just pop us an email and we’ll get it scheduled stat!

Will I have real tutor support if I have a question?

(Not sure ML)

What are the benefits of the level 5 TEFL course?

The level 5 TEFL course prepares you for the cream-of-the-TEFL-job-crop. You’ll be competitive for the best TEFL jobs on the market in both competitive teaching destinations (like the Middle East) as well as in English-speaking countries (like the UK or Canada). It opens up a lot of TEFL doors to you, but not without a ton of work.

How do I gain my certificate?

You can complete your TEFL certificate in a variety of ways! It’s ultra-convenient and affordable, most teachers opt to complete their TEFL courses online prior to moving abroad. This means you choose the time, place, and pace that you work.

If you adore in-person learning opportunities, love real-time feedback, or are hoping to build community with other aspiring ESL teachers, we recommend considering on-site TEFL training courses. You can often find these in your home country, or opt to start the adventure early by getting certified abroad. PremierTEFL offers on-site TEFL courses in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, and Romania.

Where can I teach English?

Just about anywhere! That’s the beauty of a TEFL certification—it unlocks meaningful work opportunities worldwide, across all continents.

Dream of seeing the sunrise over the Great Wall? Find teaching jobs in China. Prefer the Spanish sights, sounds, and smells (mmm, churros)? You can teach English abroad in Spain for nine months! Or head to Latin America, where you can find tons of amazing opportunities in Brazil, Chile, and Argentina—whatever floats your TEFL boat.

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