Top 5 countries that need online TEFL teachers now!

There’s a huge demand for online English teachers all over the world right now and that demand is growing day by day! English is the international language of business and in certain countries, it’s essential that locals can speak English as well as their native language. Although English is now taught in lots of countries as part of the school curriculum, many parents are super keen to get their children after-school lessons to help boost their learning – and many adults who weren’t taught English at school need to improve their English to further their careers. So, let’s take a look at where has the highest demand right now and the best companies to work for in those locations…

1. China

China easily has the highest demand for online English teachers in the world with over 300 million people currently learning English both online and in person – wow! Strong English-speaking skills are an absolute necessity in China, that’s why the demand is so high – it’s always been that way and we think, it’ll always remain that way!

Chinese online teaching companies:

2. South Korea

South Korea comes in next on the list as most companies in Korea, especially those involved with international business deals, require applicants to have a TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) qualification to apply. Along with adults who need to improve their English, you’ll also find a huge demand for teaching children in Korea as parents are keen for their children to get a step up and learn English at a young age.

Korean online teaching companies:

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3. Japan

Much like in South Korea, many employers in Japan also look for a TOEIC qualification on their applicants’ CVs, meaning the demand for English language lessons online is super high among adults. Along with studying English to boost their CV and career, many Japanese people also study English as a hobby or to prepare themselves for travelling overseas

Japanese online teaching companies:

4. Vietnam

In Vietnam you’ll find a different type of student than in Japan and South Korea. While speaking English may help boost their career, many Vietnamese people want to learn the English language due to their fascination with the culture of the English-speaking world. English lessons that are given to Vietnamese students generally consist of basic communication skills rather than a specific type of English.

Vietnamese online teaching companies:

5. Taiwan

In Taiwan, lots of parents want their children to learn the English language from a young age as they believe it will help them study abroad or work internationally in future. Taiwan also has super close links to the United States which means many employers will look for English language skills in their employees. If you’re looking to teach to Taiwanese students, you’ll be able to find a mix of children and adults to teach.

Taiwanese online teaching companies:


Although these are the countries with the highest demand for online English teachers, they’re certainly not the only countries with a demand. Any non-native English-speaking country will have a demand for online English teachers, but you’ll generally find it easier to get students from the above five locations.

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