A Day in the Life of TEFL Teacher Denise – Instagram Takeover

Changing careers during COVID-19 might be one of the most daunting things to happen over the past year, but not for this TEFL Teacher…Meet Denise who once spent most of her days in the sky with Emirates Airlines, and is now teaching. From flight attendant to fully-fledged TEFL teacher Denise has taken one of the greatest leaps: changing careers. Denise will be taking over our Instagram for one day only on April 20th to give us a glimpse into her life as a TEFL teacher (and we can tell you it’s a lot of sunshine and laughter).

Freedom TEFL
Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Originally from Argentina, Denise has traveled the world and lived in many different places. When Covid-19 hit the aviation industry Denise was faced with a new challenge, what now? She didn’t want to give up her love of traveling and exploring new places, but she needed to find a new career to pursue. And along came TEFL. Contrary to the popular belief, Denise saw this global pandemic as an opportunity to change careers. Working as a flight attendant, living out of a suitcase became too much and this was the push she needed to pursue something new!

Join us on April 20th, 10 am-4 pm UK time to join Denise’s takeover and ask her any questions about getting TEFL certified!

Want to learn more about why changing careers during COVID-19 was a positive experience for Denise?


“You made the career change during COVID-19, tell us about your career path with TEFL, have you taught abroad or just from home? 

I started teaching part-time in 2017. Whenever days off arose in Dubai or maybe on a layover that I have done plenty of times. For example, London or Paris are cities I would go to monthly. Having the hotels so far away from the city was not ideal, so I decided to take this time to stay in the hotel and give a few lessons.

During the peak of all the craziness this past year, it was the best decision to make the career change during COVID-19. I worked full time because all of our flights had been canceled, and we were stuck at home, as was the rest of the world. After nine years of flying, I lost my job in the airline last year due to the heavy impact on the aviation industry. I was so grateful that I had already started my journey with TEFL.

It gave me a great advantage because I was working full time as a teacher and I did not need to worry about losing my job. The security of having that backup has been fantastic. Particularly in these times of uncertainty.

Always I have taught online and this allows me to relocate wherever I want. Many of my ex-colleagues had to adjust to their current situations. Others had to stay in Dubai to find another job for a lower salary. Many others had been forced to move back to their home countries. I decided to relocate to Bosnia, where my husband is from, and I have the freedom to decide my work schedule.”

Keep reading about Denise’s journey to becoming a TEFL teacher

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