Be Inspired: Our Top pick Health and Wellness Influencers

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Do you ever catch yourself scrolling through Instagram, comparing yourself to your newsfeed and wondering why you don’t have washboard abs or when you’re going to get your life together and be a better person? Because yes, us too. It’s definitely a struggle to refrain from self-comparison. We often forget that Instagram is in no way a true reflection of reality. How does this impact our own health and wellness?

 In more cases than none, Instagram is simply a highlight reel of a person’s life. People aren’t posting pictures of #iwokeuplikethis, or whether they just bombed an interview for their dream job. There are countless profiles who proclaim themselves as health and wellness “influencers.” Men and women with washboard abs and plump bums. 

Even though these individuals call themselves influencers, there are so many behind the scenes moments and experiences that are often left unspoken about. It’s important not to forget that every person is on their own life journey with their own goals and aspirations. This list of Instagram health and wellness “influencers” will show you that it’s okay to struggle sometimes. They are motivated, everyday people who just want to share their journey in hopes to inspire others. 

1. Nasim Lahbichi- @lahbco on Instagram

Know as @lahbco on Instagram, Nasim is a Digital Creator who shares food that simultaneously makes you feel good and looks even better. Of Puerto Rican-Morrocan descent, Nasim shares his love for cooking through his vibrant and unique recipes that are sure to leave you wanting more. His ability to take everyday ingredients and elevate them into something new is truly impressive. Check out these insane Espress(oat) Chocolate Chunk cookies (We’ll take five please). 

Although Nasim has a big following on Instagram, his talent really shines through in his TikTok videos. He makes cooking exciting and advocates for embracing your cultural heritage and the foods you grew up on. No foods are off-limits, and Nasim’s recipes keep you feeling full and nourished. 

Check out his Instagram Here. Check out his TikTok Here.

2. Linda Sun- @lindatsun on Instagram

Next up on our list is Linda Sun, a Canadian influencer most known for her Youtube videos where she shares her past struggles with food and body positivity. Although only in her early twenty’s, Linda is wise beyond her years. She often talks about the harmful culture of diet trends and exercise without enjoyment. 

Linda’s content ranges from lifestyle videos, fitness challenges and updates, and health and wellness motivational content. One of the main goals of her channel is to inspire young women like her to approach healthy living and fitness from a place of self-love and confidence.  

Unlike many creators who often share unrealistic ‘What I Eat in Day’ videos, Linda’s version of these videos are raw and unfiltered. In one of her videos, she states, “I am learning and growing and on my own journey of self-love and acceptance just like any other human being is… I want to encourage us all, myself included, that we should continually practice self-love and appreciate our bodies.”

Linda really understands how important it is to use food and exercise to fuel and nourish our bodies, not to punish them.

Be sure to subscribe to Linda’s channel to keep up with her journey, as well as her Instagram page

3. Heather Lilleston- @heatherlilleston on Instagram

If yoga and psychology are things that you would like to learn more about, you should definitely hit the follow button on @heatherlilleston. A yoga teacher since 2003, Heather’s Instagram page shows more than your usual downward dog or tree pose. She’s often posting about living in the moment. Her lengthy captions are often filled with updates on how she is feeling – both the good and the bad.

Originally from California, Heather lived in NYC for fifteen years, where she completed her bachelor’s degree at NYU Tisch School of the Arts. She has taught many teachers who now have their own studios. And she was even on the cover of one of Yoga Journal’s 2017 issues, listed as one of the “50 innovators changing the game of the wellness industry.”

Not your typical Instagrammer, Heather’s account is a place where you can get in tune with your emotional mind and take a step back to appreciate all that life has to offer.

4. Angie Caruso- @Healthfulradiance on Instagram

Although this influencer may not be as widely well known, @healthfulradiance is an Instagram influencer worth a follow. With 156K followers, Angie’s health and wellness Instagram also extends into her online blog page. Based in NYC, Angie is a recent college graduate who originally began her platform as a way to hold herself accountable during her eating disorder recovery journey.

No topic is off-limit for @healthfulradiance. She has been able to use her platform to share her appreciation for nourishing food, enjoyable movement, body positivity, and overall wellbeing. Her Instagram features fun homemade recipes like vegan peanut butter cookie dough bars, chickpea eggplant ratatouille, and gluten-free lemon cake

Over on Angie’s blog, you can find inspiring personal writings about her experiences that are simply too long to be expressed in an Instagram caption. Her posts can help others who have had similar experiences relate and reflect on their own self-acceptance and body positivity. 

Angie’s posts aren’t focused on exercising to fit a certain beauty standard or trying absurd diets to lose weight. They are uplifting and inspiring to those struggling with their own inner battles.   

5. Stephanie Buttermore- @stephanie_buttermore on Instagram 

Last on our list is Stephanie Buttermore, who you may recognize from her infamous ‘Cheat Day’ videos on Youtube. Stephanie has a rather large following, with just over 1 million subscribers on Youtube, and 655K on Instagram. Stephanie has a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and Pathology & Cell Biology (she knows what she’s talking about!). However, she made the transition from the academic world to the world of social media and content creation.

Stephanie uses her scientific knowledge to educate those on the principles of exercise training and nutrition. She often exposes the misconceptions and fallacies of media involving diet and exercise culture. 

Her videos document her journey as a former fitness guru who had an insanely large appetite (check out one of her fantasy cheat day videos), to her recent decision to go “All in” and share her journey eating whatever she wanted and honouring her hunger cues. 

Stephanie shows her viewers the raw realities of dealing with weight gain and struggling to shut off the voices of harmful diet and fitness culture from the media and those around us. 

Be sure to check out one of her most recent videos explaining her “All In” journey, where she reflects on what she has learned from the past two years. 

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