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What You Should Know about Teaching Business English versus Teaching General English

So you know about teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), but do you know about teaching Business English versus teaching General English? After all, TEFL teachers need to be flexible when it comes to their teaching and you never know when you might be tasked with teaching Business English.  English is fast becoming the global language of business. More and more international companies are ...[Read More]

Common Problems for Spanish Speakers Learning English as a Foreign Language

The English as a foreign language market (EFL) for Spanish speakers learning English is booming. With youth unemployment at an all-time high of 50%, many Spaniards see proficiency in English as their ticket to employment both in and outside the country. This is proven by the popularity of Cambridge exams and the improvement in the general level of English. The number of Spanish speakers learning E...[Read More]

South Africans Teaching English Abroad — Londiwe’s Story of Teaching in China

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) has taken the world by storm. So much so that the idea of teaching English online or overseas has almost become a cliche. You’d be forgiven for thinking that South Africans teaching English abroad is a fantasy. You might be thinking that this utopian life of teaching and living abroad doesn’t apply to those of us blessed with a South African passport. ...[Read More]

15 Genius Teaching Tips and Travel Hacks for TEFL Teachers

Time is money. Work smart, not hard. Life’s too short for lesson prep*. *Okay, so maybe we made this one up. We have many sayings in English which remind us how precious our time is and why we shouldn’t waste it. And we agree wholeheartedly. This is why we love a good hack to save us time (and preferably money, too). If you look anywhere on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or Twitter, people love shar...[Read More]

How You Can Live and Teach English Abroad as a South African

South Africa might be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t spread our wings and discover what lies beyond our borders. Living and working abroad is an opportunity all South Africans should be aware of. Even though it might seem like the odds are stacked against us, it is possible to teach English abroad as a South African. Factors affecting Sou...[Read More]

Long-term Travel Essentials for TEFL Teachers: The Ultimate Packing Guide for Teaching Abroad

Love it or hate it, an important part of leaving on a jet plane is packing. You’ve probably packed many times for day trips, weekend trips, backpacking trips or even long-ish holidays, but packing for long-term travel is another kettle of fish entirely. The long-term travel essentials you need are quite different to those for a quickie holiday – after all, you’ll be living in your destination for ...[Read More]

Reverse culture shock

Once you qualify to teach English as a foreign language – to be a TEFL teacher – it can seem like the whole world is opening up for you. And it is. Now that you have an internationally-recognised TEFL certificate under your belt, you are free to teach anywhere in the world, or even from your home office.  Read more: 7 Easy Steps to Finding the Perfect Job Teaching English Abroad If you make the bo...[Read More]

Survival Tips for Your First Day in the EFL Classroom – No Experience? No Problem!

No matter how good your Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification is – (even if it’s from The TEFL Academy!) – you are likely to have those butterflies in the pit of your stomach before you walk in the classroom. This is normal. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Here are our top survival tips for your first day in the EFL classroom – even if you don’t have any experien...[Read More]

TEFL Teacher Contracts: A Checklist

What’s that saying? Nothing in this life is certain, except death and taxes. But if you’ve ever had a job of any kind, you’ll know that job contracts can be added to this list. If you’ve gotten to the point of considering a teacher contract for teaching English abroad, congratulations! This means you must be the proud owner of a teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) qualification – as well...[Read More]

Teaching English Abroad with a Family

With more and more people turning to teaching English as a foreign language – both abroad and online – you might be wondering if you are able to get a piece of the action. The good news is that teaching English as a foreign language is a viable option for most of us. And yes, that even includes those of us with kids! That’s right, teaching English abroad is no longer only for backpackers or high s...[Read More]

TEFL Scams and How to Avoid Them

If you’ve been doing your research on teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL), you may have stumbled across a few stories which haven’t painted TEFL in a very good light. We’re not going to lie – some TEFL teachers have found themselves in some not very attractive circumstances when they’ve been exposed to TEFL scams of some sort. Thankfully, they are the exceptions rather than the rule so d...[Read More]

How to Deal With Culture Shock

Moving abroad is a big deal. Starting a new job is a big deal, especially when it’s an entirely new career. If you teach English as a foreign language abroad, you’ll have to deal with both of these issues simultaneously. This can lead to culture shock, which is a real thing, no matter what anyone tells you. I know this from experience.  My name is Kirsten, and I’ve been a TEFL teacher since 2003. ...[Read More]

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