Important Information for Students Enrolling on the Irish Classroom Course

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At last! As the situation is improving across Ireland, we now have permission from the Irish government to reopen our campuses and run our classroom-based, Combined Level 5 TEFL courses! We are really looking forward to welcoming you all back to our Irish campuses and we hope you enjoy your time learning with The TEFL Academy. Before you attend your classroom course, be it in Cork, Dublin, Galway or Limerick, please make a note of our new Covid-19 policy:

Our Covid-19 policy for Irish campuses

As mentioned here, the new mandatory government COVID-19 restrictions require that all attendees to our courses (from the 6th September 2021) provide proof of full vaccination, or recovery from COVID-19 within the 6 months prior to the course date. 

Upon arrival to the course, the course trainer will require proof of your COVID status in order for you to proceed with your course. Any attendee who arrives unable to provide the required documentation will not be permitted to attend and will have to contact to rebook their course dates. 

Please read the government guidance below for further information regarding this requirement.

What does fully vaccinated mean?

You are fully vaccinated when you get a vaccine approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and it is:

  • 15 days after the second AstraZeneca dose or second Covishield dose
  • 7 days after the second Pfizer-BioNtech dose
  • 14 days after the second Moderna dose
  • 14 days after the single Janssen dose

If you got a vaccine other than those listed above, you are not considered ‘fully vaccinated’.

You are also not fully vaccinated if the interval between your first and second doses is less than the required period (for two-dose vaccines).

Documentation must be shown as per the above requirements in paper format or on a mobile device. Please note that QR codes will not be accepted.

What is valid proof of vaccination?

If you were vaccinated in the EEA you should get an EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC).

If you were vaccinated in a country outside the EEA (that is, a third country) you should have a valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate that has been officially recognised as equivalent to the EU DCC.

Other proof that you have been vaccinated can also be accepted. The proof can be in written or electronic format in English. Where it is in another language, an official translation into English is needed.

Your proof of vaccination must contain the following:

  • Confirmation that you are fully vaccinated
  • The date or dates you were vaccinated
  • The name of body in the state implementing the vaccination programme that administered the vaccine to you

What does ‘recovered from COVID-19’ mean?

You are ‘recovered from COVID-19’ if you had COVID-19 in the past 180 days. 

If you were tested for COVID-19 in the EEA, you should get an EU Digital COVID Certificate (DCC). Other proof that you have recovered from COVID-19 can also be accepted.

If you do not have a DCC, your proof must be in written or electronic format in English. If it is in a language other than English, it needs to be accompanied by a certified translation.

Your proof of recovery must contain the following:

  • Your full name and date of birth
  • The date of your first relevant positive test result
  • The disease or variant from which you have recovered
  • The country where the test was carried out
  • Details of the body that issued the certificate
  • Dates the certificate is valid from and expires (you must have tested positive at least 11 days ago but no longer than 180 days ago)

Should you not be able to provide the documentation required, please contact to rebook your classroom course or discuss your options. 

This information will be sent via email to any students who’ve signed up for our Combined Level 5 TEFL course at any of our Irish course locations. Enjoy the course!

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