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Who said that teachers can’t be fun? Nowadays, due to the pandemic, teachers tend to have way more free time on their hands than they would like to. So instead of just mindlessly watching Netflix, many have conquered the TikTok world. There are thousands of teachers coming onto this platform to educate students, help new teachers or just to tell a funny story about their students. These stories come from teaching all over the world – from Japan to the USA and everywhere in-between. There are a few teachers who have caught our eye on TikTok so we thought we’d share our faves with you. Behold, our list of Tiktok English Teachers you need to follow as soon as possible.

Two Tiktok English Teachers filming their videos


A high school English teacher who doesn’t stop laughing at silly moments with his students. It can be about students’ impressions of Romeo & Juliet or the teacher’s nostalgia that comes with the last day of class. Mr Maynard’s life is filled with so many stories so he turns them into comedic moments to share with us on Tiktok. 


got to spend a week with some pretty decent people #teachersoftiktok #fyp

♬ ChooseYourCharacter – Jim Walter


She is not your “normal” teacher. She teaches, but has a blog and even merch and can tell you everything about teaching Gen Z kids. She believes that “It is never too late to do what the hell you want to do” and we believe her. She calls herself a teacherpreneur business coach and we cannot stop watching her. From advice about starting your own business to moments with students and her family, she laughs and inspires others to pursue their dreams. Moreover, she understands what students need and how to make them engaged.


Her energy is infectious. She focuses on spreading positivity and joy to her students who adore her. From catchy songs on the multiplication table to songs to help with frustration from the test, she is always fired up to create new great songs to engage kids. Music is her passion and that is clear from her clips. On her Tiktok page, you can find many ideas of what to do if you feel that a student does not understand the material or it is just plain boring. We think her idea about laying out difficult information in a song is genius!

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An old video, but I thought some of you 5th graders at home might like a refresher 😆 #tiktokteacher #taylorswift #onlinelearning @taylornation #fyp

♬ original sound – teachingontables


If you ever wondered what you cannot wear in Japan or if it is hard to work there, welcome to Byahassan’s page. She is an educator, traveller, blogger, and, of course, an English teacher. On her page, she talks about how it feels to work in rural areas of Japan. She explains the Japanese culture and compares their education system to American schools. She exposes the distinctions between Japanese dress codes and American ones, reasons why people overwork themselves and explains how you can get a job abroad if you want to work in Japan. Her page is filled with useful information about teaching abroad and it is exceptional because she not only talks about the benefits of being a teacher abroad but also potential setbacks and cultural shocks that may come with it. 

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Teachers are humans, right? Okay, so maybe we can be a little bit unconventional, and Noelle certainly is. Noelle is a teacher and she loves sharing comic stories about… herself. Yes, her page is not only filled with fun stories about students but teacher life as well. If you wonder what happens behind the doors of the teacher’s lodge, what food they eat, or if they eat at all, you should follow Noelle. She does not shy away from making fun of herself and her daily life as an English teacher. She shares recipes of her favourite snacks, her outfits and she LOVES lunches. 


If you want to teach English in Japan, you need to follow Patrick. He teaches English to kindergarten kids and always shares hilarious stories that have happened in his class. He not only makes viewers laugh but also educates them on different cultures and how it feels to look different in a homogeneous society. As we have all learned, teachers also have lives, so in addition to his life in the classroom, Patrick shares silly stories about his daily life in Japan. If you are very lucky, you can even find videos with his recommendations for the best food places there as well. 

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It’s to the point now where they walk into class apologizing 😫😂 #teacherlife #kindergarten

♬ original sound – Patrick


But why stop at Japan? Brooke, for instance, teaches English in South Korea. She believes that everybody should travel to broaden their worldview and regardless of some setbacks, she does not give up on the joy that is teaching. How can she? She tries new foods, finds wonderful places, and travels around Korea in her free time. To be honest, we are a little jealous. 

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Sorry I’ve been MIA🙈 currently focused on creating an e-guide to teaching in Korea! 🇰🇷 teachabroadkorea culture foryoupage southkorea 외국인

♬ Why Do You Care? – Wouldn’t You Like to Know?


You may say, “Of course, Brooke and Patrick love to teach in these countries. Japan and Korea are some of the most famous places for tourists. Everybody would enjoy their life there.” What if we can tell you that the Middle East is also a charming place? Tia loves the UAE. She moved there to teach and find herself.. Not only does she talk about her experience as a teacher, but she exposes the stigmas around Middle Eastern countries and educates us on their beauty.

To be honest, it was very hard to make this list. There are just so many amazing teachers out there! It is fun to learn more about different cultures and explore the life of teachers abroad. After all, the TEFL Academy prepares you to be one of those teachers someday and we want you to see how rewarding it is and how fun! Who knows – it could be you one day!

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