Top European Destinations for TEFL Teachers

Dare we say it? The world is opening up again! Once again we can daydream about all the exotic destinations we want to visit and even start making plans to buy tickets and get visas! There are so many options available to us as TEFL teachers, it can be difficult to decide where in the world you want to go. 

For today, let’s look at a few of our favourite European destinations for TEFL teachers.

Teaching English in Poland

Poland has only recently climbed the popularity ranks of TEFL destinations, as the EFL market has seen a huge growth in the last few years. You can expect to find TEFL jobs in language schools all over the country, but especially in the major cities of Krakow, Warsaw, Gdansk and Poznan.

Having a degree is preferred to teach in Poland but not a requirement. However, it is necessary for you to have a TEFL qualification. On average you can expect to earn approximately €750 a month.

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Teaching English in Spain

Spain is a perennial favourite with TEFL teachers, and we’re not surprised. With plenty of sunshine, gorgeous natural scenery, great local cuisine and friendly locals, the lifestyle in Spain is hard to beat.

In Spain, you can find a TEFL job in language schools all over the country. In these schools, you will teach children after school or during their holidays, or adults at any time of the day. There is also the possibility of being a teaching assistant or a private tutor in a homestay situation.

Generally speaking, the average salary of a TEFL teacher in Spain is not very high, but the cost of living is relatively low. Plus, it’s possible to find a job without a degree, as long as you have a TEFL certificate. 

On average you can expect to earn approximately €1 200 – €1 500 a month.

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Teaching English in Italy

Next door to Spain is another beautiful option: Italy. There is a huge demand for TEFL teachers in Italy, in language schools as well as mainstream schools. In Italy, it is possible to teach English to adults but for the most part, the teaching jobs involve teaching English to Young Learners and teens.

 As in Spain, the salaries are not very high but you can live very well in certain parts of Italy on a TEFL teaching salary. On average you can expect to earn approximately €1 000 – €1 500 a month.

Teaching English in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has long been a popular tourist destination but the last few years have seen it become a popular TEFL destination too. With its charming spa towns, castles and spectacular scenery, there’s no doubt it’s a beautiful place to live. As a TEFL teacher, it’s likely that you’ll find yourself living in Prague or Brno.

In the Czech Republic, you are likely to work in a language school which might mean teaching in the afternoons and evenings. Many TEFL teachers supplement their income with private lessons after hours. On average you can expect to earn approximately €800 – €1 200 a month.

Teaching English in Hungary

Since joining the EU in 2004, Hungary has seen tremendous economic growth. This has had the result that more and more Hungarian companies are working at an international level, and many Hungarians qualifying and looking to work abroad in English-speaking countries. This is why there is a big demand for English teachers in Hungary. 

Teaching jobs in Hungary are typically found in schools – government, private and international – as well as language schools. You will need a bachelor’s degree to teach in Hungary, as well as a TEFL qualification. To teach in an international school you will also need a teaching degree.

In Hungary, you can expect to earn approximately  €800 –  €1 000 a month, though some schools will include an accommodation allowance in your salary.

Some considerations for teaching English in Europe

As with any TEFL destination, an important consideration to bear in mind is the visa issue. Find out what is legally required to teach English in the country of your choice – this will vary depending on your nationality. It is generally not as easy to teach in Europe as in other countries if you don’t have an EU passport yourself, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

In Spain, for example, if you choose to be a language assistant, then you don’t need to have a working visa because you are, strictly speaking, not working. But you are still getting the benefits of living and teaching in Spain! 

Similarly, it’s possible for certain nationalities to teach through certain government programmes (North American and UK teachers, we’re talking to you!) and for others to apply for working holidaymaker schemes or study visas which allow you to work part-time.

Another consideration is the salary versus the cost of living. Make sure you do your research as to what the average costs are where you want to work, so you can accurately judge your salary. If possible, speak to someone who has taught and lived in the same city you want to go to. They will be able to tell you cheap ways to live and how to earn extra money, if necessary.

Of course, these are only a few of the options available to you in Europe. The TEFL market is booming and there is a need for all sorts of EFL teachers. So if you are intent on teaching in a European country, go for it and you will somehow make it happen!

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