TEFL Ranked as One of the “Hottest” Careers

attractive TEFL teachers

Yes, you read that right!

Here’s yet another reason to become a TEFL teacher: recent research has shown that TEFL teachers are considered highly attractive.

In a survey of 5,000 adults in the US and UK, conducted by the International Institute for Research, the overwhelming majority (78%) stated that they found teachers attractive. This was significantly more than lawyers (53%), bankers (44%) and cashiers (38%). This increased even more when referring to TEFL teachers, with 92% of respondents rating TEFL teachers as “hot”. 

The survey aimed to rank people’s perceptions of a number of careers according to certain criteria such as trustworthiness, friendliness and attractiveness. 

TEFL teachers were ranked as one of the most attractive careers along with, perhaps not surprisingly, firefighters and models. Interestingly, pizza delivery people were also rated “very attractive”.

One respondent noted, “I’ve always respected teachers but I must admit there is something very sexy about a person teaching English as a foreign language”. Another commented, “I like the general vibe of TEFL teachers. They are adventurous, and they must be smart to be teachers. They have a lot of qualities which make them attractive”.

The younger the respondent, the higher they ranked TEFL teachers’ attractiveness, with 71% of people surveyed under the age of 35 admitting they’d like to date a TEFL teacher, while 69% of those between the ages of 35 and 50 said they’re keen for a romantic connection with a TEFL teacher, no matter how short-lived. 

TEFL teachers also ranked highly for bravery, intelligence and wit.

Digging a little deeper, 55% of respondents claimed to have lied about having a TEFL qualification on a date, and 87% revealed that not having a TEFL certificate is a deal-breaker when it comes to relationships. 

And last but not least, 97% of respondents said they were considering doing a TEFL course so they could add it to their Tinder bio.

So there we have it: one more reason for you to sign up for our TEFL course and get started on your career teaching English as a foreign language. 

And if you’re still reading this article, congratulations! You’ve been April Fooled!

But, we think it may be true… Check out our courses

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