Beat Brexit: TEFL in the EU in 2020

Unless you’ve been walking around with your fingers in your ears for the past couple of years, chances are you’ve heard about Brexit, maybe too much about Brexit! But one question that probably hasn’t been answered in the news is “with Brexit (possibly) super-close, have you missed your chance to TEFL in the EU?”.

Well, we’ve got some exciting news for you!

In 2020, you can escape never ending Brexit news in the UK and still teach English in the EU – perfect!

Does Brexit mean an end to TEFL in the EU?

If you’ve been here before you’ll have seen our blog a couple of weeks about whether Brexit means an end for TEFL in the EU. The date the UK was due to leave the EU was coming super close and a deal between the UK and the EU hadn’t been signed off. So, there was a huge chance that UK citizens’ rights to live, work and teach English in the EU might end on 31 October 2019.

Fast forward to today – and the UK is still in the EU. But, that’s not the end of it. The longer picture for the UK’s relationship with the EU is still very uncertain, as a General Election has been thrown into the mix (on 12 December 2019, if you haven’t already popped the date in your diary).

But there’s one major difference for TEFL teachers: it’s now clear* that you’ll be able to teach English in the EU during 2020. So, start looking for your perfect European TEFL job now – it could be your last opportunity, don’t miss out!

Why the rush to TEFL in the EU in 2020?

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So, the UK’s now scheduled to leave the EU on 31 January 2020. But, before then the General Election will take place. The outcome of this Election isn’t just important for Brexit, it’s super important for UK TEFLers who want to work in the EU too. Depending on which party wins the Election, there a few different paths the UK might do down:

1. Continue Brexit and leave the EU

If Brexit goes ahead, the UK will leave the EU – and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to teach English in the EU after this happens (sorry!).

But, don’t lose all hope of TEFLing in the EU. Even if the UK does leave in January 2020, there’s going to be a ‘transition period’ all the way through to December 2020! During this period, UK citizens will be able to live, work and teach English in the EU in pretty much the same way as now – yay! Grab this opportunity now – it could be your last.

2. Hold a second Referendum

There’s a chance that the General Election will lead to a second Referendum on whether or not the UK should leave the EU. Depending on the result of the Referendum, the UK could either continue to leave the EU (with the transition period still due to end in December 2020) or Brexit could be cancelled entirely.

But, a Referendum will take quite a long time to organise, so we think you should grab your chance to TEFL in the EU while you definitely still can – start looking for your perfect TEFL job now!

3. Cancel Brexit

Brexit could be cancelled entirely! If this happens, the UK will stay in the EU and you’ll be able to TEFL your way though Europe for as long as you want (well, assuming you’ve got your TEFL certificate). But, you won’t know if Brexit’s been cancelled until after a Referendum. If you want to be sure you can TEFL in the EU, why take the risk of waiting?

Teach English in the EU in 2020

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If you’ve made it all the way through to here, congratulations! You’ve earned yourself a big thumbs up from us for persevering with Brexit’s impact on TEFL.

But, just in case you glazed over a little (we don’t blame you), here’s our simple summary. Although the next few months could bring so many different possible outcomes for the UK, you’ll be able to teach English in the EU during 2020 – but it might be a bit trickier after that.

In fact, whatever happens, we’re in for a fair few months more of Brexit overload. Regardless of the outcome of the General Election, why not beat Brexit by teaching English in the EU during 2020 – it’s win/win!


* Clear = Well, as far as anything to do with Brexit can be known!

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