Spa Day from Home: Treat Yourself from Head to Toe

Girls doing eye and face masks

When was the last time you took the time to treat yourself? Between teaching, after school activities, and prepping for the week, when is the time to do something for yourself. What if we told you, you can have a spa day in the comfort of your own home? No waiting in queues, just getting pampered in your own home – sound good? Read our top tips for treating yourself to a DIY-pamper session! 

Before we begin, there are two necessary steps to enjoying a spa day. First, you must stage the evening like any professional spa, there is music playing and candles lit, with the aroma of essential oils in the air. To get the full effect, you need to put in the effort to pamper yourself. Prep each station and even provide some water and snacks. This is all about making yourself comfortable. This brings us into our second step, do it your way! Put on your favourite playlist or read a book. Personalize this experience to your needs. You deserve this, so go for it!


The rules of hair care are simple and finite, and you do not have to be a cosmo girl to know. Your hair is beautiful and unique, so why not pamper it once in a while. A good shampoo can help remove dirt, odours, oils, and dead skin. Your favourite shampoo and a hair scalp massage tool will become your favourite shower duo. Who doesn’t love a head massage? Remember, some oils your hair produces are healthy. Next, you are going to use a conditioner to help reduce friction and protect it from damage. Whereas shampoo is critical for your scalp, conditioner is beneficial for your ends. The longer you keep the conditioner in your hair, the softer it will be. Now that you have set the foundation for your now clean hair, try using a hair mask.

Overall, the benefits of hair masks include anti-frizz, moisturizer, reduced damage, shine, softness, and more! Everyone’s hair is different, but it is recommended to use a hair mask at least once a week. For coloured hair, look for ingredients including avocado, almond oil, eggs, honey, milk, olive oil, or if the package specifically says “for coloured hair”. Colouring your hair can cause your hair to become dry and brittle, so an extra deep conditioner will help. For dull and dry hair, look for masks that include coconut oil, egg, and olive oil for dryness and yoghurt for dullness. For damaged hair, look for masks that include avocados and bananas. The longer you leave the mask in, the smoother and healthier your hair will look. You can buy a hair mask from any store in the hair care section or you can create your own with fresh ingredients. 

Hair mask tips for coloured hair.

Hair mask tips for dry hair.

And hair mask tips for damaged hair.

Beautiful hair with fruit for spa day


You cannot have a proper spa night without a relaxing face mask and eye treatments! Similarly to a hair mask, a face mask has different purposes for your skin. Masks can absorb oils and dirt, hydrate/ moisturise, firm your skin, help reduce breakouts, and more. Face masks can come in the form of a wet sheet or a thick gel-like consistency. Many face mask brands will recommend how often you should use the product. However, once a week is an appropriate amount or whenever you would prefer.

When using a face mask, you do not want to create a thick layer on your face, or it will take forever to dry. Use a face mask spreading tool to create an even layer (unlike using your fingers) and you’ll avoid the mess. Avoid getting the mask near your eyes or clothing. If you are using a peel-off mask, avoid getting it on your eyebrows at all costs – if you know, you know! Just like the hair masks, you can purchase them anywhere or create your DIY mask using some household favourites.  

An eye treatment will help reduce dark circles and puffiness. You want to relax your eyes and add under-eye patches or a cold beaded eye mask. The coldness reduces the puffiness and gently massaging your under eyes will increase blood flow. If dark circles are your natural enemy, try setting cold tea bags on your eyes for ten to fifteen minutes a day. The tea bags will help relieve dry eyes and even treat irritation – they can also help relieve itchy eyes from hayfever!  

Learn more about teabag hacks.

Face mask application for spa day


Your body is a temple and should be treated as such! By using your favourite shower products after a long day, you feel a million times better. For healthy-looking skin, use a body wash that both moisturises and prevents your skin from drying out too easily. Using an exfoliation scrub will help remove dead skin, prevent hair irritation, and leave your skin smooth. For extra moisture, use a shower body lotion, which you can rinse off and leave your skin transformed. If you do not have a shower lotion, you can use body butter after getting out of the shower as it will lock in the moisture for days. 

If you are more of a bath person when it comes to relaxation, try using bath salts or bath bombs. Bath salts help create healthy-looking skin, reduce stress, relax and soothe painful muscles, and more. Bath bombs help release essential oils, promote relaxation, cleanses your skin, and more. Both bath products are wonderful for a spa day, and your skin will thank you!

Learn more about bath salts.

Pink Bath Salts and Bath Bombs for spa day


Feet are often neglected when it comes to pampering and care, and that needs to change. By cleaning your feet, you remove build-up, dirt, odours, and much more. No matter how clean we are, dry skin will always build up on our feet. You can remove the dead skin and smoothen your feet in a few simple steps! First, you want to wash and dry your feet. Next, use an exfoliating scrub and tool to get rid of all that dead skin and dirt. After, you will use a peel-off foot mask. A few days after using the foot mask, you will begin to see your dead skin peel off. Put lotion on your feet after every shower. Your feet will have never looked so good!

footbath with flowers for spa day

Now you are all prepared to have a perfect and affordable spa day from home. Everyone has different relaxation techniques, so feel free to pick and choose what makes you the most comfortable. Remember you deserve it! For more tips and tricks on how to create your spa day at home check out the link right here.

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