No degree? Here’s where you can TEFL!

Did you know, you don’t need a degree to teach English?! In fact, there are tons of countries where degrees aren’t required and lots of them are very sought-after TEFL destinations – yay! Don’t have a degree? Keep reading for a full list of where you could be starting your TEFL adventure…


Teaching English online is the fastest-growing area of TEFL and you don’t need a degree or any teaching experience to become an online tutor. Teach online and you’ll be able to earn money whilst travelling the world or from the comfort of your own home. Plus, you’ll be able to decide when you work, what hours you work and how much you get paid. What a dream! Take the quiz to find out if you’re eligible.

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Dreaming of Thailand? You’ll generally need a degree to teach English here due to visa restrictions, but that’s not going to stop you! Enrol on our Thailand Internship and you’ll be able to spend 2 months teaching and travelling in this exotic location without a degree. Download the guide to learn more.

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Central and South America

There’s a HUGE demand for TEFL teachers throughout Central and South America – and for most countries, you don’t need a degree or any teaching experience – winner! Countries such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Mexico and Uruguay don’t require a degree.

Heading to Central or South America? There is an increasing demand for Business English teachers. Get yourself a specialist course in teaching Business English and you’ll not only have access to heaps of jobs, you’ll also get paid more!

Cartagena, Columbia


TEFL opportunities without a degree in Asia are minimal due to visa restrictions, but luckily for you, Cambodian working visas don’t require a degree. There’s also an increasing demand for TEFL teachers and with such an incredible culture, amazing travel opportunities and beautiful scenery, it’s hardly a bad choice!

Woman in front of temple, Cambodia


Fancy heading out on a safari or trekking through a stunning national park? Well, you’re in luck as almost all countries in Africa don’t require a degree for TEFL teachers. Head to South Africa, Egypt, Madagascar or Morocco where you’ll be able to get a work visa that’ll allow you teach English in schools, private language institutes and colleges.

Giraffe stood in front of tree, South Africa


EU citizens are entitled to live and work anywhere in the EU with no visa restrictions. For UK citizens, you have until 31 December 2020* to travel freely within the EU, so use your time wisely and hop on that plane while you still can! Popular destinations for TEFLers without a degree include, Spain, Italy, Germany, France and Poland.

If you’re a non-EU citizen, teaching in Europe can be a little trickier – but not impossible! Spain, Poland, Greece, Romania and Slovakia offer opportunities for non-EU citizens – yay!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy


Although not often high on the list of TEFL destinations, India is an amazing place to teach English. With an ever-smiling population, the exotic smell of spices and the ability to get a work visa without a degree, we’re not sure why more TEFLers don’t flock here every year.

Taj Mahal, India


Struggling to get a visa for Europe? Russia is a great second choice! You’ll be on the edge of Europe so there’ll be plenty of travel opportunities on your days off.

If you’re thinking about TEFLing in Russia, the demand for Business English teachers is at an all-time high there, so you shouldn’t struggle to find work. Complete a specialist course in teaching Business English and you’re onto a winner.

Saint Basil's Cathedral, Russia

*after the Brexit transition period, travel restrictions within the EU may change.

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