5 Investment Items for Crafty Teachers

Getting ready to set foot in the classroom? We are so excited for you to get in the classroom and begin your adventure teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you are in the middle of decorating or working your classroom, we have some must-have investment items you need to look into. These products are perfect for all kinds of teachers and will help you in the long run. These products are more on the pricey side, but trust us, they’re worth it! Discover five investment items you need if you’re a crafty teacher. 

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1. Circuit machine  

A Cricut machine is a smart cutting machine with advanced tools and exceptional digital features. This machine allows you to complete your DIY projects quickly and easily. One of the most impressive components of a Cricut machine is that it can connect to your computer. The device already has programs built into the technology, so you can choose from hundreds of options or design your own. You can compare which Cricut machine is right for you on their website! The Cricut Joy, Explore Air 2, and Maker are available in a variety of colours. Often the machines will not come with multiple tools or craft supplies which will have to be purchased separately. However, you can find great discounts and alternative products on certain crafting websites. 

Cricut machines have been around since December 2003, and their popularity has only grown. During the pandemic, the lockdown had everyone staying at home with a lot of free time on their hands. There was an escalated amount of small businesses, and one of the most popular items created were stickers which you could only make on a Cricut machine. Once people saw what they could create with the device, they flew off the shelves. 

Why should a teacher invest in a Cricut machine? 

First, this tool will last you for years, and it is durable. You can use the machine thousands of times and can easily find replacement parts. Second, you have access to hundreds of designs and features to use in your classroom. Teachers love the freedom they have with Cricut to make their classrooms their own. Finally, you will save your time and money by creating your decorations rather than purchasing them from a shop. You can find cheaper and affordable materials online if you are on a budget.  

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2. Thermal Laminator 

One thing many teachers love the most about getting their classroom is laminating their papers. They use it for not only papers but posters, tags, resource sheets, etc. Every school has a large laminator machine that is free for teachers to use. Although often there is a long line to use it, it is constantly breaking down, or your end products don’t look right.

What you need is a thermal laminator! A thermal laminator is a small, high quality laminating machine that gives you total control of what you are laminating. The first step is to prep the machine and your materials. The second step is to place your items accordingly. Always double-check it is placed how you would like because there is no going back. The third and final step is to insert and seal. Easy peasy!

Why should a teacher invest in a thermal laminator? 

Having your laminator allows you to work at your own pace and your time. This is the perfect device to use over the summer before school starts. While all the other teachers are sharing the only laminator in school, you are ahead of the game. However, if you want to laminate larger items, you will need to use the one at school since there is a size restriction on the thermal one.

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3. Printer 

If you are on the crafting and small business side of TikTok, you have defiantly seen this printer on your FYP (For You Page). The Epson EcoTank wireless printer is a must-have for your home and office. This printer is affordable, quick, and easy to use. The ink cartridges come in large bottles that will last you a long time. You can also see how much of a colour you are using and what needs to be refilled. With the wireless features, you can connect your smart device through discovery. If it is good enough for Shaquille O’Neal it is good for us! 

Why should a teacher invest in a printer? 

Let’s face it, it is much more convenient for you to have your printer at home than using the ones at school. The ones at school always have a long line or don’t print the way you want. Don’t get us wrong, the school printers are perfect for making fast class copies. However, it is nice to know you have a printer dedicated to your own classroom needs. With your printer, you can get a jump start on items for your classroom. Plus, if you have a Cricut, you can print your designs and cut them using the cutting tool. The possibilities are endless with this duo! You can also use your laminator to keep any colour ink papers clean and durable. 

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printer investment

4. Create- A-Sticker 

Another famous TikTok investment is a Create-A-Sticker machine that allows you to create anything into a sticker. There are no cords, batteries, or electricity needed. The machine comes with 10 feet/ 3 meters of permanent adhesive. This device is easy to use with no mess. All you have to do is place whatever you want to turn into a sticker in the machine. Next, you are going to turn the knob until the item comes out the other end. Finally, you just peel off the sticker and enjoy. It is that simple and you can take it anywhere!

Why should a teacher invest in Create-A-Sticker? 

This is such a fun and innovative way to make/give your students stickers. You can personalize your design or items and turn them into stickers for your students to enjoy. Better yet, have your students invent their own stickers for a personal touch. You and your students will have a blast creating their stickers. Of course, if you do not want to use up all your adhesive, you can still use the traditional school stickers. Creating a special sticker can be a reward or special day activity for you and your students. You can use this product again and again for years to come.

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Create-A-Sticker investment

5. PrintMaker 

The final TikTok investment item on this list is the trending PrintMaker from We R Memory Keepers. This small device allows you to make custom prints on over 50 different surfaces. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, templates, and artwork. All you need is your Apple smart device, the PrintMaker, and the item you want to print on. You will need to connect the machine to your device and choose your design. Next, you will evenly slide the device across the surface of your material. Then, once you move across your surface the print will appear. All materials come with the product, and you can purchase extra material at most craft stores.

Why should a teacher invest in PrintMaker? 

The PrintMaker is a small portable machine that you can take wherever you go. It is most handy for customizing classroom sets, such as name tags, papers, and classroom decorations. The printer has a variety of bright colours that are sure to brighten up your day. You will have complete creative freedom when using this machine. Your students and other teachers will be blown away by what you can make with this small machine.

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There you have it! Five amazing investment items for the crafty TEFL teacher.

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