4 Best Souvenirs to Get Teaching Abroad

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When we create special memories, we want to remember that moment forever. We want to relive the good times even when we get old. We want to take home a souvenir. A souvenir is something that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or thing. When you are travelling, you will buy a souvenir as a reminder of the adventures you had. Your friends and family will ask you to bring them something from your trip so they can have a piece of your journey too. The only problem is you have no idea what souvenirs to get! 

This simple task can be quite overwhelming. Not to worry, we have compiled a list of the best souvenirs to bring back for yourself and others. These items are affordable and useful – everyone will love them!

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Clothing items are one the best souvenir items you can purchase from any trip! There is a large variety of clothing options at affordable prices, even on a teacher’s salary. If you are teaching in a colder climate, long sleeves and sweatshirts are great options to get for yourself or others. When you return home, you can continue to wear these articles of clothing when it is cold out, and it will remind you of your time abroad. Similarly, if you are teaching in a warmer or tropical climate, short sleeves and tank tops are great options for remembering your trip. 

Short sleeve shirts can be worn all year round and are the perfect travel gift. Additionally, hats and other accessories are perfect to bring home for family and friends. These clothing items are small and can easily fit into any suitcase or storage area you have available. Clothing accessories are often affordable and can last a long time. 

If you purchase an article of clothing to wear during your time abroad, you need to research what is and isn’t culturally acceptable to the country. In the Middle East, you could disrespect the country’s culture by walking around with your arms and legs exposed. You will need to find apparel that covers up parts of your body. Every country has a different dress code that must be followed. This includes souvenir items, so make sure you understand the country’s culture before buying anything. 

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Paper items are not as commonly used as souvenirs anymore, but they have sentimental value. Paper items can include but are not limited to postcards, maps, ticket stubs, etc. These items are the most affordable, and you can even get some for free. Who doesn’t love free stuff? Postcards are great for sending a heartfelt message back home to let your loved ones know you are safe and having the time of your life. It is more personal and special to send a handwritten postcard than a simple call or text message. You can get beautiful, funny, or even handmade postcards from any local or souvenir shop. Many people start postcard collections as keepsakes as a reminder of where they have been. It is a simple gift that will brighten up anyone’s day!

Another great paper item you can bring home is ticket stubs and maps. These items will be perfect in a scrapbook to show your family where you have been. You can relive your trip just by looking at a piece of paper. Many cities have free magazines or newspapers, or simply keep the stubs from your travels and excursions. These small paper items are cheap and easy to travel abroad with.

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Small Trinkets 

If you have never gotten a keychain from your trip, did you even go? Small trinkets are all the rage when it comes to travelling. Trinkets come in all shapes and sizes, such as keychains, magnets, pens, shot glasses (if you are the legal age), and so much more. These are the perfect gift for loved ones who say they do not want anything from your trip but actually do. Some trinkets can be cheaply made and break easily, so make sure your items are safe, so they do not break on your way home.

The more you shop in the trinket section, the better of an idea you will have of a nice trinket from that area. A helpful tip when choosing small trinkets is to look for items with multiple purposes or things you can use every day. You will get more use out of the product if you use it every day or in different ways.

If you are near a flea market or swap meet, you can find amazing handmade souvenirs you cannot get anywhere else. All handmade items vary in price as you purchasing the material, time, and labour that goes into a single piece. You will make someone’s day if you tell them you are from another country and are willing to buy a piece of their work to bring home. Consider shopping at a small business for all your souvenir needs!

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You cannot travel abroad and not try any international snacks! Different countries around the world have different sweets and savoury snacks and discovering these different snacks is always exciting. You can find familiar snacks in any convenience store, grocery store, or local shop. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on some Toblerone, Kinder Delice, or even Burt’s chips.

If you want to bring any food or drink products back home, you need to check with the country’s customs protocols. Some food products are illegal to travel with and can get you in serious trouble with security. There could be a limit to how many ounces of a food product you can bring with you. Double-check with your country’s customs laws before packing or buying a snack souvenir.

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