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Teach English at government-sponsored organizations and NGOs in various Colombian cities. Be part of the change to help Colombian workers improve their English skills! Prior teaching experience and Spanish language skills are helpful, but not required. In-country TEFL training and a classroom
observation period are included in the program fee. Participants are required to teach 20-25 classroom hours and put in an additional 15-20 hours of classroom prep, grading, office hours, and staff meetings per week.

Cultural Embrace by API Offers:

*Guaranteed Teaching Position Prior to Departure
Confirmed placement prior to departure in a city approved by US State Department Overseas Security Council and CE by API.
*Monthly Stipend
You will receive a monthly stipend of CP$1,500,000/~US$800 per month, except for your first month’s paycheck (mid-Feb to mid-March), which will be ~US$500 that includes your first month’s shared accommodations and the work visa fees. All stipends are approximate and are paid in Colombian Pesos.
Participants will have housing arranged and included in their program during the two-weeks orientation in Bogota, and their first month on site in their host city. Housing will be in shared hostels. Participants will be responsible to arrange their own housing for the remainder of the program. Most volun-teachers rent a private or shared (with other volun-teachers) room or apartment from a local Colombian family. Our partner’s regional coordinators will be able to assist you to determine the ideal areas to live in your host city.
*Completion Bonus
At the end of the 10-month program, participants will receive CP$1,900,000/~US$900 bonus in December.
Two-week, all-inclusive orientation in Bogotá, Colombia. Shared rooms (2-4 people) and three meals per day are included during this training to orient you to Colombian culture, the educational system, working & living in Colombia, and more. Excursions and cultural activities included. In-country basic TEFL training will be included prior to your teaching, there will also be a period of classroom observations. Participants will also have a one-week orientation at their host city to learn more about their classroom and host location. Shared accommodations and three-meals a day are included during this one-week orientation.
*One-Way Domestic Transfer to Host City Placement (Placements other than Bogota only)
Upon completion of the two-week orientation, a one-way domestic flight from Bogota will be included to all participants that are placed to teach in cities other than in or near Bogota. A return flight back to Bogotá is not included at the end of your program.
*Airport Pickup and Transfer
A set date and window of time for airport pick-up and transfer will be included in Bogotá, for the orientation, as well as for your host city placement (if applicable).
*Paid 3-weeks vacation
Receive your full ~US$800 monthly stipend even during the two-week semester break in June/July, and one-week break during Semana Santa holiday.
*Medical, Life, and Travel Insurance
Medical and life insurance is provided for all participants during the program term. This international insurance coverage includes medical evacuation and repatriation, as well as 24-hour support services for medical and travel issues. You will also receive Colombia’s EPS national health insurance that is included and paid for by your employer.
*TEFL Certification
Participants may opt to take CE by API’s affiliated online TEFL course for US$295. This course provides approximately 100-120 hours of online instruction to prepare for English-teaching classrooms.
*Visa Assistance
Volun-teachers will receive the proper invitation documents needed to obtain a visa. During the orientation in Bogota, volun-teachers will go to the consulate to get their work visas approved and receive their national identification card (cedula). The ~US$250 visa fees will be included.
*Cultural Embrace by API Cultural Kit:
Useful tips, advice, and information to prepare you for the amazing adventure of living and working abroad in Colombia.
*Full-time Representation
CE by API provides representation in the United States and Colombia prior to, during, and after your placement.
*TOMS Shoes, a One for One™ Giving Product
Upon completion of your program and online evaluations, you will receive a pair of TOMS Shoes. With every product purchased, TOMS will help a person in need. One for One™. Giving back is part of our ethos. We share the vision of the TOMS mission – to help contribute to making a positive impact abroad by providing a pair of shoes to a child in need.
If you wish to receive a certificate detailing your teaching experience, please let us know and we will provide the necessary documentation.
*Optional international mobile plan with data coverage
Opt for an AT&T mobile plan that offers low international rates, no roaming charges in over 150 countries, and bundled data and text. Current AT&T customers may simply add the coverage to their current plan and billing. Non-AT&T customers may use their own phone and swap with an AT&T SIM card.

Program Requirements:
-Minimum 21 years old, Maximum 65 years old
-Native English speaker
-Teaching/tutoring or classroom experience
-Basic Spanish language skills (not required, but helpful)
-Bachelor’s degree in any discipline (or minimum five years full-time professional experience without a BA degree)
-Enjoy leading groups and teaching young adults and/or professionals
-Lesson planning and organization skills
-High degree of professionalism and flexibility
-Open to foreign cultures and living abroad
-Dedication to the full term of commitment
-A criminal background check
Application Fee: only US$400, which includes all the benefits listed above.


Want to Apply??

Visit application on English Teachers on the TEFL Warehouse Website.

I have been traveling and teaching ESL abroad ever since I graduated university. This life choice has taken me around the world and allowed me to experience cultures and meet people that I did not know existed.

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