Preply Review: What’s It Like in 2024?

All factors considered, Preply is one of the more highly-regarded and vetted online ESL platforms. As we’ll explore in this detailed Preply review, Preply offers significant upsides to self-starter online tutors as well as a few potential caveats to consider before you get started. What’s it like working for Preply? We answer this along with insight from a real teacher who currently works at Prepl...[Read More]

15 TEFL Practice Questions & Quizzes for Prospective Teachers

Imagine stepping into a classroom, armed with the confidence to tackle every question and quiz with ease. That’s exactly what we’re offering here: a treasure trove of 15 TEFL sample questions and quizzes designed to sharpen your English teaching skills. Whether you’re preparing for a TEFL course online or simply looking to refine your knowledge, refreshing with these sample questions is your secre...[Read More]

How Long Does it Take to Get a TEFL Certification?

When looking at possible courses, you might wonder: how long does it take to get a TEFL certificate? In general, depending on the type of course you select, you can expect to invest approximately 1-3 months into a high-quality TEFL course from start to finish. The exact answer, as we will explore further will depend on the individual course format. What Factors Affect TEFL Course Length? Factors l...[Read More]

12 Best Places to Teach English Online to Japanese Students ($25/hr!)

Not everyone can pack up their bags and move to Japan to teach English – so sometimes teaching online can be the next best thing. We’ve got a list of companies that are among the best for teaching English online to Japanese students in 2024 and beyond. See our full list of the Best Places to Teach English Online in 2024 Top Companies for Teaching English Online to Japanese Students Cafe Talk Read ...[Read More]

How Much Does a TEFL Certification Cost?

The average online 120-hour TEFL certification cost is between $99 and $250 and is sufficient for most online or overseas teaching jobs requiring a TEFL certificate. Some students looking for a more robust TEFL certification of 180+ hours or university-level or in-person courses may expect to pay much more – starting from $1,500 and more. A myriad of factors go into the pricing of the TEFL certifi...[Read More]

How to Teach English in Sweden: Advice From a REAL Teacher

I’ll be honest, when I first decided to teach abroad, Sweden never crossed my mind.  Sure, I’d heard good things: It ranks in the top 5 countries with the best quality of life Everyone is blonde and beautiful (they are), and Stockholm is the capital So in January 2014, when a recruiter asked me if I had ever considered teaching in Sweden, I said yes (give me a break, I was still a student and I wa...[Read More]

How to Teach English in Saudi Arabia: Beginner’s Guide

Teaching English in Saudi Arabia is growing in popularity due to its high salaries and impressive benefits to teachers (tax-free salary and free housing, anyone?) This fascinating Middle Eastern destination has increased its demand for ESL instructors – offering a unique opportunity to teach in classrooms along the Red Sea coast or in the heart of the Arabian Desert! In this guide, we’re going to ...[Read More]

15 Best Places to Teach English Online to Korean Students (Up to $26/hr)

There are multiple companies set up to help you teach English online to Korean students. Different schools will have different requirements and rates of pay. The best one for you may vary depending on your circumstances, but we offered our own rating which can be helpful when making your ultimate decision. Our top recommendation is Nil English, which has flexible hours and pays more based on exper...[Read More]

How to Get a Free TEFL Certification

Getting TEFL certified doesn’t have to cost you your life savings, and, in fact, there are even some free online TEFL certification opportunities (which we’ll get into shortly). To help you understand your options for free TEFL courses, TEFL scholarships, and TEFL courses on the cheap, we put together this in-depth guide on how to get a free TEFL certification online in 2023. But first, let’s answ...[Read More]

Cambly Review: Requirements, Application, & Pay Rates

As one of the more popular online English as a second language (ESL) providers, Cambly is an undisputed giant in the industry. In this Cambly review, we will explore the benefits and drawbacks of working with this leader in the ESL field. Read on to find out about the Cambly application process, its tutor requirements, what the job is like, and the pay rates that Cambly tutors earn. Cambly Overvie...[Read More]

How to Teach English in Colombia: Beginner’s Guide 2023

Colombia’s diverse landscapes and rich history offer endless adventures, while the growing demand for English proficiency provides amazing job propspects for those looking to teach ESL. Whether you’re an experienced teacher or just starting, this vibrant country presents a world of opportunities for personal and professional growth for those who choose to teach English in Colombia. Colorful street...[Read More]

7 Best Online TEFL Certification Courses

If you’re considering an online TEFL certification – the single most effective step you can take to increase your attractiveness to potential employers – you’ll want to check out our comprehensive review of the 7 best online TEFL certification courses of 2023. 7 Best Online TEFL Certification Courses TEFL Hero 120-Hour Online TEFL Certification Course – Best Value Hands down, the TEFL Hero 120-hou...[Read More]

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