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The Ultimate Packing Guide for Minimalists

Everyone travelling abroad packs a little differently. There are two main groups of packers: The “less is more” type and the “it is better to pack more because you never know” type. In this article, we will be focusing on the packing style of the “less is more” type, otherwise known as minimalist packers. A minimalist is a person who intentionally lives with only the things you will need. As a min...[Read More]

How Should Teachers Give Instructions?

Instructions may seem like a small and trivial part of an English as a Foreign Language lesson but, in fact, they are extremely important. An EFL lesson is mostly a series of exercises, activities and games which are linked to form a cohesive and effective EFL lesson. It is important for EFL teachers to be able to give good, clear instructions in order to ensure that all the activities run smoothl...[Read More]

What is the Affective Filter in Language Learning?

Stephen Krashen is a well-known name in the EFL industry.  His ideas and theories have been influential in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language, mostly because they have stood the test of time. Krashen came up with five hypotheses of learning, one of which is the affective filter hypothesis. The affective filter hypothesis basically explains that language cannot be learned if a lear...[Read More]

5 Investment Items for Crafty Teachers

Getting ready to set foot in the classroom? We are so excited for you to get in the classroom and begin your adventure teaching English as a Foreign Language. If you are in the middle of decorating or working your classroom, we have some must-have investment items you need to look into. These products are perfect for all kinds of teachers and will help you in the long run. These products are more ...[Read More]

How to Deal With Unexpected Questions

Teachers know everything, or so our students think! They can answer any questions, even the age-old gem “Who came first: the chicken or the egg?”. Okay, maybe not so much! We all know that it is impossible to know everything. Teachers are certainly knowledgeable in the subject they teach, but even so, they might still encounter a question they can’t answer. It’s one thing if they can fill in their...[Read More]

TTA Beat Any Price Guarantee

Never overpay for a TEFL Course this Black Friday with our Beat Any Price Guarantee! As one of the world’s leading TEFL course providers, this Black Friday week we have added our new Beat Any Price guarantee. The rules are simple: if you find a like-for-like TEFL course, either a 120-hour Level 3 Course or a 168-hour Level 5 online course (with or without a 20-hour in-classroom course), with any o...[Read More]

7 Tips To Decorate Your Classroom Like a Pro

Whether you are a first-year English teacher or have been teaching for numerous years, decorating your classroom can be both exciting and stressful. We completely understand! You probably have so many ideas that you have seen online but are on a budget or maybe you’re not too crafty. Look no further because we have all the answers to making your classroom aesthetically pleasing! By following these...[Read More]

5 Perks of Teaching in a Small Town

You finally received a teaching position, but you soon find out it’s in the middle of nowhere! Teaching in a small town or village does not sound as adventurous, unlike teaching in a big city. What if we could convince you to get small-town teaching a chance by telling you the perks you cannot get in the city? Read more to find out the top five perks to teaching in a small-town school.  Read more:...[Read More]

4 Best Souvenirs to Get Teaching Abroad

When we create special memories, we want to remember that moment forever. We want to relive the good times even when we get old. We want to take home a souvenir. A souvenir is something that is kept as a reminder of a person, place, or thing. When you are travelling, you will buy a souvenir as a reminder of the adventures you had. Your friends and family will ask you to bring them something from y...[Read More]

Networking 101 or How to Connect to Get Hired

Looking for a job is not easy. You struggle to find the right company, struggle to get seen by the recruiter and struggle to find clients. Multiple problems come up as you pave your way to your first paycheck. To succeed, you need to create an outstanding resume, write a CV, dive deep into Google search to spot job openings and nail interviews. We have covered this process and given you sources to...[Read More]

Can You Teach English If You’re a Non-native Speaker?

The short answer is YES! You can teach English even if you are a non-native speaker. If you know English, have a TEFL certificate, have a passion for teaching and energy, then you can do it! However, we should also warn you that there are more things you need to do to secure a job and show that you know English. Non-native speakers may face more challenges if they want to teach in the country whos...[Read More]

9 Helpful Books Every Digital Nomad Has To Read

With the rise of globalization and opportunities to work virtually, virtual jobs are on the rise. Especially during a pandemic, many people prefer or are forced into working from home. Being a digital nomad comes with a lot of benefits, like the ability to work wherever you want, independence and – hopefully – fewer meetings! Nevertheless, we understand that being a digital nomad can be challengin...[Read More]

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