ESL Teacher China!.. Shenzhen

Dongguan adults school, very close to Shenzhen ,also located in Pearl River Delta of China ,in Guangdong Province, up to 15,500RMB, is recruiting English teachers.
Job Description:
1. Teaching ESL— English as a Second Language
2. Lesson planning and preparation as well as curriculum development
3. Supervising test and exams and giving level tests
4. Assisting with administration including intake and placement of students and recording attendance
5. Counselling students
6. Participating in the school’s social program including Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)
7. participating in Employee training programs and workshops organized by the school
8. Participating in promotional and marketing activities organized by the school
9. Student’s age: Adults
10. Students per class: 1-20
11. Classes’ main type: Private Classes, Salon Classes, for which we have ready-to-use lesson plans, and Social Clubs
Teaching condition:
1) Remuneration Package:
i) For 25 weekly teaching hours: Highly competitive Base Salary+ Housing Allowance: RMB11000-13000/month (15 office hour/week)
ii) For 30 weekly teaching hours: Highly competitive Base Salary+ Housing Allowance: RMB13500-15500/monthiii) Highly overtime pay and corporate training class fee (10 office hour per week)
iv) Year-end bonus
v) RMB 6000 year airfare
vi ) Quarterly performance bonus
2) Employee Benefits:
i) 16 paid holidays(including public holidays, goes up next year)
ii) Medical Insurance
iii) Mandarin Classes
iv) Fully paid and sponsored Z visa plus Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC)
3) Career Development:
i) 1 week induction training(including a 2-day intensive session)
ii) On job training(including on-line and live sessions)
iii) Opportunity for TESOL certification
iv) Possible Head/Senior teacher advancement
4) Arrival Assistance:
i) Free first week hotel accommodation
ii) Assistance on housing, bank account opening and health check etc.
1.Native English speakers
2,Bachelor degree or above
3. At least 2 years’ teaching experience after graduation
4. TEFL/TESOL/CELTA Certificate

Want to Apply??

Visit application on ESL Teacher China!.. Shenzhen on the TEFL Warehouse Website.

I have been traveling and teaching ESL abroad ever since I graduated university. This life choice has taken me around the world and allowed me to experience cultures and meet people that I did not know existed.

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