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10 Best Places To Teach English Abroad WITHOUT a Degree in 2023

Despite what you may have heard to the contrary, it’s entirely possible to teach English abroad without a degree – so don’t let a lack of such a credential slow you down. Here, we’ll discuss where and how to teach English abroad without a degree. How to Teach English Abroad Without a Degree Beautiful nature awaits you in Costa Rica Before we get into the best countries to pursue employment in ESL ...[Read More]

How to Get TEFL Certification in 5 Steps – Online or In-Person 2023

If you’re eager to break into the international English as a second language (ESL) game – whether your preferred employment destination is South America, Asia, or Europe – you’ll want to read this comprehensive article with step-by-step instructions on how to get TEFL certification – a must-have for any up-and-coming teacher. Let’s get into it. What is a TEFL certificate? “TEFL” stands for “teachi...[Read More]

Teach English in Germany: How to Get a Job in 2023

As the Germans say, “aller Anfang ist schwer.” (“every beginning is hard.”) If you’re vexed as to where to start in your journey to teach English in Germany, we’ve got you covered. Let’s explore how to start teaching in Germany — at a reputable school. in your dream city (or village), making a top-rate salary. About teaching English in Germany Germany has a rich cultural and historical legacy plus...[Read More]

Teach English in China: A How-To Guide 2023

Why should you teach English in China? Well, few countries have the high salaries, ultra-modern mega cities, and relatively convenient lifestyle that you can expect living in China. And for those trying to brush up on their Mandarin skills, this is just icing on the cake! So let’s break down some of the requirements to teach in China as well as what types of teaching jobs this country has to offer...[Read More]

Is a TEFL Certification Worth It?

Is a TEFL certification worth it? That depends on your long-term plans and individual circumstances, but, generally, the answer is a resounding yes. TEFL certification pays for itself easily and then some for teachers breaking into the global ESL industry. Here we’ll explore why TEFL certification is a valuable professional credential and how earning one benefits teachers. What’s a TEFL? TEFL is a...[Read More]

Can I Teach English Abroad Without a TEFL Certification?

Have you found yourself wondering whether it’s possible to teach English abroad without a TEFL certification? Look no further for the definitive, authoritative answer provided herein. What’s a TEFL Certificate? A TEFL certificate is the most common professional credential that pertains specifically to English instruction to foreign students. The acronym itself, TEFL, is an abbreviation for “teachi...[Read More]

How to Get a TEFL Certification Online in 2023 [4 Easy Steps]

Here, we’ll introduce you to a key credential in the ESL industry called TEFL, why it’s a must-have for any aspiring teacher, and how to get tefl certification online. What is a TEFL Certification? TEFL certification is the top credential for new ESL teachers. When you earn a TEFL, you demonstrate to employers that you have received specialized training to teach English to non-native speakers and ...[Read More]

How to Teach English to Spanish Speakers [15 Tips]

Are you looking to go to a Spanish-speaking country to teach English? Perhaps you have your mind set on teaching English in Spain? Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel at the same time as you are sharing your knowledge and giving back to the community.  English and Spanish are some of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and a lot of Spanish speakers are looking to learn Engl...[Read More]

How to Teach English in Mexico: Beginner’s Guide

Let’s take a virtual journey south of the border to one of the hottest ESL destinations in the Western hemisphere: Mexico. Thousands of foreigners, most from the US and Canada, relocate to teach English in Mexico each year. Here’s why you might consider following suit. ¡Buen viaje! (“Have a good trip!”) Why teach English in Mexico? Mexico is vibrant and diverse – both in geography and in culture –...[Read More]

Teach English in Poland: Requirements, Jobs, and Living in Poland

For young ESL professionals looking to teach English in Poland, this flowering EU bloc, post-Soviet gem offers multiple benefits to attract new residents. Let’s get into the benefits of teaching English in Poland, what the experience is like for ESL teachers, and what you can expect salary-wise. About Teaching English in Poland Located right in the heart of Central Europe, Poland (“Polska” in the ...[Read More]

Teaching English in Italy: How to Get a Job

So you’re ready to jet-set to the land of the ancient Romans for gainful employment teaching English in Italy – but you’re not sure of the best strategy. Here’s how to do it right. About Teaching English in Italy As far as richness of culture and history goes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a superior ESL destination – on the European continent or elsewhere. The food is pretty legit also (more on t...[Read More]

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