What’s it like to TEFL around the world? Chad H shares his experiences.

From time to time, we present testimonials from our international alumni to provide potential TEFL students with their perspective and viewpoint. This particular update is from Chad H, who graduated from myTEFL after finishing the 140-hour internship program in Mexico. He began his teaching journey in Mexico, several years back and has been traveling the world non-stop, teaching in between his oth...[Read More]

What’s it Like to TEFL in Japan? Stephanie’s Feedback.

Every so often we share feedback from our grads overseas so prospective TEFLers can get an idea of what it is really like beyond simple marketing fragments. This post is by Stephanie H, a myTEFL graduate who completed her 120 Hour online course and and started teaching in Fukuoka, Japan a few years ago. She loves it so much she is still teaching and living in Japan! You can find her on Instagram @...[Read More]

The Rising Demand for IELTS Teachers in 2024: Unveiling Opportunities

Introduction to IELTS and Its Importance In today’s interconnected and globalized environment, the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) has become a cornerstone for measuring English language proficiency, essential for individuals aiming to integrate and excel in English-speaking contexts. This comprehensive assessment evaluates candidates’ abilities across four fundamental skills...[Read More]

What Were the Top 5 Destinations for TEFL Teachers in 2023?

In 2023, the world of Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) saw educators venturing into diverse lands, each offering unique cultural, economic, geographical, and historical experiences. Here’s a deeper dive into the top five destinations that stood out for their rich cultural tapestries and teaching opportunities. #1 South Korea Cultural and Historical Appeal: South Korea is a land where ...[Read More]

Maximizing Your Career Trajectory: The Top Benefits of Professional CV Writing

In today’s competitive job market, standing out from the crowd has become more crucial than ever. As professionals seek to advance their careers or pivot to new industries, the first step in capturing the attention of potential employers is through a compelling Curriculum Vitae (CV). However, crafting a CV that effectively showcases one’s skills, experiences, and achievements is no small feat. Thi...[Read More]

Can Apple usher in Augmented Reality in ESL Classrooms? A Glimpse into the Future of Language Education

In recent years, the integration of technology into education has revolutionized traditional teaching methods. Augmented Reality (AR), in particular, has emerged as a powerful tool with the potential to transform ESL (English as a Second Language) classrooms. By overlaying digital information onto the real world, AR enhances the learning experience and provides students with immersive and interact...[Read More]

A city of contrasts: Beaches, Architectural Monuments, Deserts. How to Choose a Route for Yourself

If there is one destination that you do not want to miss on your holiday checklist even with a hired car, it is Dubai. Boasting amazing architecture, dream hotels and lovely shopping festivals, Dubai is a true dream destination. To fully immerse into the luxury that Dubai promises, consider opting for a SUV car rental Dubai instead of public transport. Unlike buses or trains, car rental allows you...[Read More]

Discovering Dubai’s Wonders: A Weekend Itinerary

Planning a weekend in Dubai? Explore the city’s top attractions and hidden gems with our comprehensive guide, perfect for a memorable adventure. Weekend in Dubai: What to See Dubai, a city where tradition meets modernity, offers diverse attractions for a memorable weekend. From towering skyscrapers to serene beaches, this guide will help you make the most of your short stay in this vibrant city. F...[Read More]

Navigating the TEFL 2024 Landscape: Securing Employment Opportunities Without a Degree

Securing a TEFL job without a degree is a dynamic process influenced by the policies of individual countries. While some nations readily accept teachers without a degree, others mandate it for visa eligibility. It is imperative for aspiring teachers to research and understand the specific visa requirements of their chosen destination. The Degree Dilemma when TEFL Job Hunting Countries exhibit a sp...[Read More]

Can You Get Short-Term English Teaching Jobs in Thailand?

  English is a language used worldwide and the need for teachers of English is in high demand because of the desire of so many Thai students to learn to communicate in English in the global context. Because of this high demand, it can be difficult for schools to fill all of the English teaching … Read more The post Can You Get Short-Term English Teaching Jobs in Thailand? appeared first on S...[Read More]

8 Best Places to Find Online ESL Teaching Jobs

  As more and more students regularly use online platforms to learn new skills, online learning platforms have become  great and easily accessible resources for learning on your own schedule. Some of the best paying online teaching jobs are ESL courses. If you’re qualified and willing to teach from the comfort of your home, there … Read more The post 8 Best Places to Find Online ESL Teaching...[Read More]

Teaching English via Skype | How to Get Started

Skype is one of the most popular softwares from Microsoft out there in the market, and is one of the most useful tools for online teaching. It helps ESL teachers and ESL students from all over the world to connect in new ways. It provides a plethora of options for English teachers looking to expand … Read more The post Teaching English via Skype | How to Get Started appeared first on SEE TEF...[Read More]

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