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Benefits of taking our International TEFL Course

Be Recognized by Employers Worldwide The International TEFL Organization (ITO) are the world’s most recognized and reputable TEFL course provider and moderators. For over 20 years we have been responsible for setting standards within the independent ESL and TEFL/TESOL education sector. Our accreditation is held by dozens of ESL and TEFL/TESOL training providers around the world.… The post Benefit...[Read More]

The 3 Big Mistakes People Make When Applying for Teaching Jobs – International TEFL Organization

Job prospects for suitably qualified TEFL teachers are excellent. There’s a growing demand worldwide as English becomes our universal language. ​In every country of the world, both in business and tourism, English has become the global language. Most people however make some fundamental mistakes when applying for Teaching Jobs overseas. Big Mistake #1: Applying For… The post The 3 Big Mistakes Peo...[Read More]

How To Prevent Unwanted Attention Whilst Living In Thailand? – Tips by The International TEFL Organization

Tourist Police TIPS for a safe holiday in Thailand “When Tourists get in trouble, it’s usually because they gave trouble a chance…” Keep cash, credit cards & valuables in your reception lock box. Never accept drinks or food of any kind from strangers. Keep your passport, cash and valuables on your person when sleeping in… The post How To Prevent Unwanted Attention Whilst Living In Thailand? –...[Read More]

Degree or No Degree That Is The Question – International TEFL Organization

There’s a LOT of confusion around this issue! Officially, you need a BA or BSc Degree to obtain a teaching permit in order to teach legally in any country.. However, there are a few exceptions to this requirement. Here are the 3 main exceptions: # 1. If you do not have a BA Degree, your employer… The post Degree or No Degree That Is The Question – International TEFL Organization appeared first on ...[Read More]

Online Teaching Opportunities – International TEFL Organization

Online Opportunities Over Skype or Facetime The growth of technology for educational use has revolutionised the way in which people learn and access education.  Teaching English over Skype is developing fast and could soon become the norm in teaching English as foreign language and an integral part of the ESL industry. Learning English online is… The post Online Teaching Opportunities – Internatio...[Read More]

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