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ICAL TEFL Resources

The ICAL TEFL site has thousands of pages of free TEFL resources for teachers and students. These include: The TEFL ICAL Grammar Guide. Country Guides for teaching around the world. How to find TEFL jobs. How to teach English. TEFL Lesson Plans. … and much, much, more. To find what you’re looking for, you can […] The post ICAL TEFL Resources appeared first on ICAL TEFL.

Sarah explains how her TEFL certificate was for personal development

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate? I work as a scientist in Germany and I enjoy the English language quite a bit. That’s how my situation was when I began the ICAL course and that’s now it remains. Through some coworkers and friends, I was asked to help translate a few scientific papers and a thesis and I realized

Can English save Taiwan?

Taiwan is hoping to save its economy and raise its global rankings by making English a second official language in the country. That’s the theory at least and a number of academics and officials have put forward the idea to help Taiwan in the international market. The plan is that within 10 years everyone in Taiwan will have a decent knowledge of English. But how this

Carlo dreamt of visiting Asia, TEFL is going to help him make that trip

Before completing your course, what were your aspirations for teaching once you had your TEFL certificate? In college, I was always very interested in traveling on a budget. One of my plans during college was to always visit Asia. When I researched English programs in Asia I found that Korea would be the perfect match for me. After deciding where I wanted to teach, I started to do

Drunken Australians and the Truth about their Accents

There’s a new story circulating on the interweb right now which tells us that the Australian accent came about because the European settlers to Australia were all drunk and so they passed on their slurred speech to their children. Apparently these settlers would come home from a hard day herding kangaroos or sheering rabbits or something and get drunk on a case of VB then talk in

6 Tips to Make your ESL Classes More Effective

Teaching is undeniably a challenging job, in fact many consider it one of the most difficult careers you could choose. Nevertheless, being a teacher is an enriching experience. Through quality education and effective teaching methodologies, teachers play a crucial role in shaping a bright future for the entire world! In the world of ESL, a major hindrance that keeps students from reaching their fu...[Read More]

Tips for Teaching Academic Writing to Non-Native Students

For years, foreign students have been coming to the United States to earn valuable degrees that can translate into a great job in their home country.  However, these students often experience difficulties adapting to the culture and struggle enormously learning even the basic tenets of academic writing.  Students sometimes get so overwhelmed that they resort to buying their essays online from one ...[Read More]

IELTS Scores withheld in China

Some Chinese students have had their IELTS score “permanently withheld” by IELTS. According to reports, IELTS have decided to withhold the scores for some students. They have declined to tell the student their score and refused to pass on any information about the score to anyone outside the organization. Those students involved are understandable angry and frustrated. IELTS are refusi...[Read More]

English in the EU – Did you know this?

Source: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/10/08/more-than-any-other-foreign-language-european-youths-learn-english/

English School to begin at 4

A new report from the Dutch government recommends English teaching to begin at 4 years old when children first start primary school. As is well known, the earlier someone starts, the easier it is to pick up a foreign language. Beginning English at 4 will give Dutch children a headstart when it comes to speaking English and will lead to a more employable and competitive global workforce

English teachers located around the world give their insight into TEFL

Ever wanted some advice on TEFL teaching? Wanted some help on where to go? We spoke to a range of experienced TEFL teachers and asked them to provide an insight into their experiences, and also asked them for one piece of advice they wish they had known when they first started out. And then we created this helpful post and put all of their answers together, in one place

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