About Cheap TEFL Courses

About Cheap TEFL Courses

Cheap TEFL Courses was started by a traveling TEFL teachers that travel abroad and sustains themselves through teaching. As a fresh university graduate you have great opportunities, but once you have your degree you don’t need to rush into a career. There is no better time to experience the world than after graduating university. Spending 6 months or a year experiencing another country can be extremely rewarding for those who love to travel. This is where we come in. We are your guides, we will let you in, I worked as a TEFL teacher for 5 years in southeast Asia and it was the best time of my life. I understand that our Website is called Cheap TEFL Courses, however, we do not limit ourselves to evaluating TEFL courses based on cost, rather cost is only one aspect. Quality, recognition and the usefulness of the course (in a real classroom setting) are emphasized and we believe these can easily justify the price of a course. We strife to provide our visitors with the full scope of available options and not deprive them of great choices out there. through our experience we know it is true that many people look for a course that prepares them well for their new job regardless of the cost, because it is seen as an investment in their future. With regards to the reviews we offer, we generally approach them in the following manner:

1. Invite students which have taken the course itself to write an honest review of the course (we look for them through forums and personal connections as some of us are still TEFL teachers abroad) The review then goes through our editor.

2. Thoroughly studying the TEFL school’s Website and going trough the curriculum if it’s available.

3. Comparing several aspects of the course to similar courses offered by other companies.

4. Creating a Pros and Cons list for the readers with regards to all courses.


We have identified our primary audience, People of all ages who love the world and want to experience it. Do not let your age or your experience stop you from doing something you love. Traveling and teaching is a way of life which has existed for centuries, it just happens that at this point in time you are the perfect fit for it. Asks us and we will answer.

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